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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Click Here for the Annual General Meeting paperwork, including committee nomination form.

Click Here for the Club Night flyer

A note from your Treasurer:

The accounts below are being made available to Members of the Porsche Club of Victoria Inc. as your committee feels that they better explain to Members the nature and impact on the financial position of the Club of the various activities of the Club and decisions made by the Committee.

These accounts have not been and will not be audited, they have been extracted from the statutory accounts now being audited, the final result should be identical. It is not envisaged that any audit queries will result in changes to the statutory accounts or to these accounts.

I would be happy to answer your queries regarding these accounts in advance of the AGM to be held on 16 October, please feel free to call on 0412 390 446.

Roger Randle.

Click Here for the unaudited Annual Accounts

Click Here for the 2007 Annual Report including the report of the Auditor

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