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Officially approved Porsche Club 52
 Thursday, 24 May 2018


Thursday 24th May 2018

Ace Karts is Melbourne’s widest, fastest, & safest outdoor floodlit Karting track and Porsche Club Victoria has exclusive access for the entire event for the third year running. Whether you are a seasoned racer or first timer, this event caters for every driver. Rain, hail or shine, the 700 meter outdoor track offers plenty of opportunities for overtaking and wheel to wheel racing.

The event will be run with teams of 3 drivers, with points awarded for each session depending on your individual finishing position. Your combined scores will be calculated to determine the winning team, with a special trophy going to the quickest driver of the night!

Individual entries are welcome which we will form into a team.

The on track action will be made up of two groups of ten drivers and consist of the following:

Each driver will compete in a 10 minute qualifying session to determine the grid positions

Each driver will compete in a 10 minute Race heat to sort out the top racers

The bottom ranked drivers from the race heats will compete in a 15 minute Consolation Final

The top ranked drivers from the race heats will compete in a 15 minute Grand Final

Drivers must nominate who they would like to be in a team with; otherwise they will be allocated to a team at random.

Ace Karts operates a strict drug and alcohol policy. No driver is to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol (BAC 0.00) and drivers may be breathalysed. All drivers must also wear fully enclosed shoes.

VENUE: Ace Karts Racing          20 Carrington Drive, Albion‎                       

TIME: Arrive 6.30pm                     

MAX. 42 Drivers        

COST: $100 per driver  (Pizzas and Winners Trophies Included)

BOOKINGS:  Please contact Carly to secure the final spots.  Carly on 9817 6911 or

QUERIES: Alvaro Del Gallo 0418 317 377