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Saturday, 19 December 2020

Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit

MSCA / PCV Super Sprint 

Saturday 19th December 2020

Porsche Club of Victoria have joined with the Marque Sports Car Association ( to hold this event given the lack of opportunity for track time in 2020.

MSCA are the event organisers with PCV contributing to the running of the day and managing the entries of PCV members through our system.

In partnership with MSCA we are aiming to run a fun and successful event in the context of Covid-19 restrictions. To do that we will need your help. We will be hosting an online information briefing before the event. Please look out for details.

This will be a timed event however Club Competition will not apply.

Covid-19 Operations

To run a Covid-19 normal event we will be implementing several protocols. It is likely that if not all, some of these requirements will continue to apply in 2021. Refer to Covid-19 protocols below.

Numbers limited


As this is a joint event with MSCA entrant numbers are strictly limited. Once the limit is reached no further entries can be accepted.

Support Crew

It is the responsibility of PCV entrants to ensure that their support personnel’s details are registered.

Competition experience

Due to the complicated requirements for this event we require participants to have experience at Phillip Island and in Porsche Club events. Please contact Competition Director Mark Horton Andrews (details below) to discuss your level of experience if you are unsure.

Evidence of prior track experience or satisfactory completion of a high-performance driver training course is a Club requirement for the timed competition classes.

All competitors will require a Dorian transponder to be fitted to their cars for times to be recorded. Please make sure they are properly fitted and charged. Dorians can be hired for the day but must be booked at time of entry. New Dorian units can be purchased from Carly via

Noise Limit

The Maximum Noise must not exceed 95db(A) as measured by 30-metre drive by test on equipment provided by circuit. This is a requirement of the venue.


Garages are to be organised and paid for on the day by entrants directly with Philip Island Customer Service personnel who will be in the paddock.

Entrée Class - Catering - Passenger Laps

Due to Covid-19 restrictions there will be no Entrée Class, Catering or Passenger laps at this event.

PCV Marshalling Team

If you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try you can register as a Track Marshal through the entry link below and you will be contacted.  Alternatively, you can contact Gordon Johnstone via email here

General Enquiries to Mark Horton Andrews, Competition Director by email or phone 0447 529 301.

Entry Fee $245.

Gates will be open from 7.00am and close at 6:00pm

Click Here for Supplementary Regulations

Click Here for Online Entries. Waiting List for Drivers. Support Crew & Officials available.  Contact Carly if assistance is required on 9817 6911 or


Covid-19 Protocols

  • Government requirements - Federal, State and Local Public Health Authority guidelines will be followed in the running of the event.
  • Monitoring - all attendees (including Competitors, Officials, and support crew) are required to preregister for the event. All are encouraged to use the COVIDSafe App.
  • Venue entry and exit - Entry and Exit to the event will be via the main security point. A list of authorised competitors, support crew and officials will be provided to the venue security staff. Only authorised attendees will be allowed access to the venue.
  • Social distancing - all competitors, officials and volunteers must demonstrate social distancing requirements and remain 1.5m apart. Under no circumstances are competitors to enter the control tower or another competitor’s garage.
  • Documentation and Licence checking - all documentation and licence checking will be conducted remotely prior to the event.
  • Briefings/Event communication - all pre-event briefings will be conducted online. As noted, it is intended to hold an electronic information session in coming weeks.
  • Scrutiny - scrutiny arrangements will comply with Motorsport Australia Return to Race protocols.
  • Paddock - all competitors, officials and volunteers must demonstrate social distancing requirements and remain 1.5m apart. When using public amenities, they must comply with the maximum crowd allowance as displayed.
  • Competitors and Team personnel - Nominated and registered support crew (maximum one (1) per entrant) must stay within allotted spaces. This limit does not apply to Service provider staff, however all staff attending must preregister.
  • Race Control/Tower – Access will not be available except to nominated Officials.
  • Service providers will likely be in the paddock in a one at a time ‘drive to’ scenario.
  • Entries - To allow time for additional administration, entries will close earlier than usual, on Friday 4 December 2020 (or earlier if maximum entry numbers are reached).

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