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Sunday, 5 December 2010

It’s on again!!

On Sunday 5th December 2010 please make sure that you arrive at Porsche Centre Melbourne by 6.50am so that we can have a 10 minute debrief as to the destination, exchange maps and then depart at 7.00am sharp.

So what can you expect?

Spirited driving on some of the finest Victoria country roads that are similar to special stages in Targa Tasmania. These roads will give you the opportunity to stretch the legs of your vehicle with some sections challenging to say the least and most sections are what I consider to be ideal “Porsche Country!!”

I estimate the total driving time to be 3 - 4 hours, therefore please fill up with petrol prior to departure, we will also stop for coffee and breakfast along the way which will give us all the opportunity to spin some car yarns and compare notes as to your thoughts on the drive and our next anticipated destinations. Also it will be important to bring your camera as there will the obligatory photo shoot at some point in the morning.

You can expect to return to Melbourne no later than 12 noon.

PS – All are welcome and in particular, I’d love to see some 996 & 997 GT2’s, 996 GT3’s & GT3 RS’s, 993 & 964 RS’s and any early model vehicles as well.

Please feel free to email me on or call on 041 44 222 99 if you have any questions or to confirm your attendance.

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