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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Bryant Park, East Gippsland

Welcome along to our first hill climb event for this season. Bryant Park in the Haunted Hills at the eastern edge of the La Trobe valley. Come and pit yourself against an exciting and interesting track. Just like every country road you have ever dreamed of - with no oncoming traffic.


Breakfast will be available before the drivers briefing - egg and bacon muffins, tea and coffee.

Lunchtime catering will be included, as a bbq on the decking.

Competition Class

Evidence of prior experience or satisfactory completion of a high performance driver-training course is a Club requirement for the timed competition classes.

Competitors must submit a 2013 Vehicle Registration Form prior to this event to be eligible for points, available here.

Entrée Class - first time participants - HALF PRICE $72.50

Are you interested in a challenging fun environment to enjoy your car? Have you wondered what a track day is like, how is it run, will I enjoy it?

Entrants in the entrée class get separate sessions of un-timed practice. Instructors will be provided from experienced club members. No advanced driver training, fire extinguishers or dorians are required. All you need is a CAMS Level 2S Licence click here to get one on line, an approved helmet - the club can lend some, suitable clothing (see supp regs) and a roadworthy vehicle. This is the perfect introduction to track days for new members.

Click Here for Entree Class information

Entry Fee $145

Click Here for online entry

Contact Carly on 9817 6911 or if you need assistance with your online entry.


Click Here for provision Class Results at 20/4/13

Click Here for detailed lap times

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