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Turbo Register - Run to Brandy Creek

Sunday 18th June 2023

Story By Owen Baker. Photos contributed by run attendees

Despite the best efforts of the BOM to scare everyone away, Melbourne bought out the perfect weather for the Turbo Register’s run to the Brandy Creek Estate winery on Sunday 18th June. 

As anyone who’s owned a turbocharged Porsche will tell you, there is nothing better than a cold crisp morning to increase the air density and enhance the thrill of the turbo rush, especially in older cars with sometimes less than optimal intercoolers.  Our group of 20+ cars met up at Old Jetty Cafe & Tearooms in Tooradin, with a good spread of turbo and non-turbo cars to waken the sleepy town.  After recharging with coffee we settled into the obligatory briefing from Paul who did an excellent job in his first stint as the register captain, ably assisted by Deborah.  Their selection of enjoyable roads, which were mostly free of slow traffic and Victorian potholes, made for an enjoyable morning drive.  There were many spirited sections of undulating and sweeping bends, with the odd hairy hair pin bend thrown in for those brave enough to try their skills on the dampish tarmac. 

The first section of approximately 45 minutes took us down the east coast of Western Port Bay, through Caldermeade, Lang Lang and Nyora until we arrived at the morning tea stop at Loch.  A great mix of highway and country roads with a sleepy town and more coffee (and cakes) at the end, what could be nicer.  After a decent interlude we headed off again, heading first further south to Jumbunna, before reversing our direction and going north on some great winding roads through Korumburra, Strzelecki and Warrigal, before the final short stint to the Brandy Creek Estate.

Once there we were treated to an excellent selection shared plate service, which didn’t leave anyone hungry. Of course there was also a good range of wines and beers available to sip while admiring the rolling hills outside the windows of the wineries restaurant.  An enjoyable place to go if you’re looking for an excuse to drive into the country on a weekend.

My personal enjoyment of the day was following Tony Stephens gorgeous black 993 Turbo through the twisty sections for a few kilometres, which our 930 was not brave enough to keep up with (or the driver...).  Great to see a growing number of 996 Turbo’s on these events, including new club member Bernie Fernandez in his very nice red 2002 example.  It would be good to see a few more of the water cooled Turbo’s on these events too, so those of you with 924 & 944 turbo’s, don’t be shy.

Credit again must be given to Paul and Deborah for driving the route several times before the event and creating the Google maps links which make navigating so much more enjoyable on these types of events, especially for those driving solo or with a navigation challenged partner. 

Congratulations to Debra Engel for winning the raffle prize kindly donated by Bowden’s Own. Werner was very impressed she now has no excuse for not cleaning their lovely black 997 turbo cab! Our new member Bernie drew Debra’s name out of the jar so we will blame him! A second Bowden’s Own prize was won by Owen Baker (myself!!) in a short “closest to the pin” competition in guessing the kms on Paul & Debs 996 turbo.

A great fun day overall.


Turbo Register: Early Morning Run to the Naked Racer Café

Co-Captains; James Borg & David Hosking

20th Oct 2019

Our final early morning run for 2019 wasn’t too early and it didn’t involve a run – a little different but no less fun all the same.

David Hosking organised a guided tour of a PCV member’s private car collection… and what a collection! We had the privilege of being guided through a range of cars including Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Porsche, whilst being told the most fantastic stories.

After the tour, we were off to the Naked Racer Café for a good ol’fashioned catch-up with friends, a superb breakfast and wonder-around an incredible collection of motorcycles and motoring paraphernalia.

This was the 3rd and final Turbo Register Run for 2019. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting many members at these events, each of which were special because of the people that attended – You!

Great people, great conversations, great drives, great cars.

Have a safe and happy Festive Season and hope to see you on our runs in 2020.

Turbo…cos’ life is too short to be normally aspirated.


Turbo Register Run to Cape Schanck Resort. 11th Aug 2019

Click Here for photos

15 vehicles in attendance at Mulgrave, consisting of a fantastic ‘register’ turn-out. Although we welcome all-comers, it is the Turbo Register, and it’s nice to see the Turbo’s come along.

Nine turbos in attendance – Three 930’s (icons of the Turbo range), a stunning 993 replete with sound to stir the soul, a pair of the marque’s first water-cooled Turbo’s (996’s), and a pair of 997’s including a beautiful cabriolet (each boasting variable turbine geometry) and rounding out with a fantasmagorical 991Turbo S…whoah!

If you own a 911Turbo and enjoy ‘being amongst and driving with’ other 911Turbo’s, whether they be earlier models or later models, you’re most welcome to join us.

Ahhh, the 911 Turbo… life is too short to be normally aspirated!


Turbo Register Early Morning Run to Yarra Valley Chocolaterie

Sunday 9th June 2019

Story by James Borg   Photo Gallery


Let’s just begin with the stats:

31 attendees at the start-point (2 late cancellations)

21 vehicles (100% Porsche)

9 Turbo’s (four 930’s, a 993, two 996’s, two 997’s,)

… and it’s 7am on a Sunday morning amidst a long weekend.

 When organising this event, we were toying with the expectation of maybe 8 – 9 cars and a dozen or so members. Goodness did the numbers grow, which highlights the willingness of members to enjoy a drive with like-minded enthusiasts… (or something sadder, I don’t know).

There was one new member introduced, Andre Iannuzzi with his sparkling 991GT3, and first-time run attendees Robert & Connie Iemmolo and their 997Turbo. The banter amongst the crowd signalled pleasant familiarity amongst the group which is never easy to interrupt with the necessary announcements and advisories.

A stunning array of Porsches made it onto Wellington Road and a sizeable formation continued for the bulk of the journey with favourable lights in the early part and sparse traffic. Quite a sight to see the looks of other motorists giving way to a column of 20 or so

Porsches sliding nose-to-tail through the occasional round-about.

We were soon in a rural setting – a mob of kangaroos as near as Lysterfield – with the sun still very low on the horizon glimmering between the trees. Through Belgrave, Emerald and Macclesfield then on to Seville and Gruyere – all excellent roads with light traffic and pleasant scenery. Margaret mapped a sensational route through the countryside for us to enjoy.

Our destination, the Chocolaterie in Yarra Glen, was quiet as we arrived. All members managing to park in a single group - a most impressive line-up. There was a quick ‘group photo’ requested whilst drivers and navigators chatted en-masse about the lovely drive, then off to a well-deserved cuppa and breakfast. Continuing the theme of a cavalcade, group parking and group photo – tables were quickly rearranged so that all 31 of us sat at the one (long) table…why not? Staff were diligent in bringing out drinks and breakfasts trying to raise petite voices over the cacophony generated by our attendees.

Four raffle-prizes were drawn and for a pleasant change Stephen Lofthouse went home empty-handed! Carol winning first prize (a Chocolaterie hamper), Giovani taking home a bottle of the Yarra Valley vino, Dan – whom came along with Carol - taking out a ‘Sundae Cup’. That’s two prizes going home in a White Gold 930!... and Garry Saber taking the fourth and final ‘Sundae Cup’.  Protest lodged by Colin Smith.

A most enjoyable drive along some great country roads. We managed to fit all that into the morning and made it home before midday. David, Margaret and I sincerely thank all whom attended for making this event such a success. 


Early Morning Run to Tylden Oct 14th , 2018

11 cars (5 Turbo’s), 18 people and an early morning start!

The Turbo Register hosted the last ‘Early Morning Run’ for 2018 and it was a fantastic day. Clear skies and traffic free. We travelled some beautiful country roads  on a glorious morning to arrive at the Tylden Junction Café for breakfast.

A great group of members (old and new… welcome David & Christian Di Palma), some regulars and some ‘Early Morning Run’ first timers all enjoyed a great chat, a great drive and a great breakfast. Lots of tales told over breakfast, many laughs and the general commentary of things ‘Porsche’.

Tylden Junction Café kindly donated three bottles of wine for the raffle. The winners were:

Christian Di Palma ( great start for a new member)

Stephen Lofthouse (again)

Dennis Moon (compensation for only having been given 1 of the 2 pages of his driving notes on the morning).

The Early Morning Runs are a popular event. Whether it’s the crackle of the exhaust at an un-godly hour, the clear roads, the people or that cup of coffee & breakfast with friends – it works!

Here’s hoping you can get along to one next year.

Click Here for Image Gallery


Turbo Register Run to St Andrews Beach Brewery

5th August 2018

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Thirty-two attendees, three children, 17 Porsches and a sunny Sunday… take these ingredients and you’ve got what made the Turbo Register run to St Andrews Beach Brewery such a success.

Ten Turbo’s presented with a role-call to excite any Porsche enthusiast….. three 930s, a 993, two 996s, two 997s and not one but TWO 2018 GT2RS’!

Our drive took us out to Remuce Café in Bittern, then onto the St Andrews Beach Brewery in Fingal, on the Mornington Peninsula. Great drive, great food and best of all great company. It was a very social event, with David Hosking securing special areas in each venue to cope with the racket we were inevitably going to generate.

Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, scones & toast at the Remuce Café, followed by a group photo then lunch at St Andrews Beach Brewery… where the casual setting and fare of appetizers, pizza, chicken, fries and sliders was highly appreciated.

There’s one run left on the calendar and it’s an Early Morning Run on the 14th October (details soon). Don’t miss out. Be there!

Turbo Register: Early Morning Run to Trydel Museum

Click Here for Image Gallery

(photos Tristan DeCarro & Julie Mason)

The Turbo Register’s first Early Morning Run of the year took place on the 20th May and judging from the comments on the day – it was a tremendous success.

David Hosking (Co-Captain of the Turbo Register) did a tremendous job in securing the invitation to this wonderful motoring museum. This gem is hidden away in Beaconsfield and relatively unknown to all but car-club members. David secured Sunday (20th May) in conjunction with the EH Holden club. What a sight! … a mingling of Porsches and EH Holdens gingerly making their way along a couple of hundred metres of dirt road to the museum. The parking lot was a blend of good Ol’ Aussie and modern German engineering.

The owner of the museum, Terry Dowell, gave an off-hand description of most every motoring exhibit. His appreciation of every car for its ingenuity of design, originality or provenance was inspiring. Everything was valuable – but everything was driven. Yes, it had a purpose which he was true to. He attends as many rallies as he can through the year.

The list of cars on exhibit was incredible. Auburn-Cords, including a Cord previously owned by Amelia Earhart in the most fantastic shade of blue, one of only a hand-full of original RHD Thunderbirds bought new by none other than Johnny O’Keefe, Paul Newman’s Lincoln Continental…. Then there was the prototype Holden, and one of the last high-performance Holdens to run-off the production line, Buicks, Chevrolets, Ford Tourers, Packards*, a Rolls Royce, and my favourite – the Tucker Torpedo.

The Tucker Torpedo – a flat-six, rear-mounted (which, naturally would appeal)-helicopter engine no less, shatter-proof windscreens designed to pop-out on collision, roll-bar, steering box located behind the front axle for passenger protection…. The list goes on, and this was 1948!

Further to this wing of the museum is an outer wing, which boasts Peter Brocks first ‘paddock-basher’, his ‘hill-climber’, and the Torana he won his first Australian Touring Car Championship in.

A fantastic day with a lovely drive through the Belgrave hills, and a great breakfast at ‘Primary at Pioneers Park’ in Berwick to kick-off the morning.

Please join us for our next run on the 5th of August – details out soon!

……life is too short to be normally aspirated!

*One of the Packards had a plaque on the drivers side dash, which stated “this car reached a speed of 110.8mph prior to shipment”  …..Those were the days when Quality Control was fun!