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Sunday, 24 January 2021


Growling Frog Golf Course, Yan Yean

Sunday 24th January 2021

Hope you have all had a good start to 2021! This casual coffee/brunch run to Yan Yean (in the City of Whittlesea council area) will be a great start for Porsche Club Members to meet and greet after a very unusual 2020.  

This invite is for all members and potential members no matter which Porsche you have (or would like to have!).  

Although it's a casual Porsches & Coffee Run, this event will provide a very enjoyable countryside drive and get together.  We will meet at Essendon Airport, which has been around a lot longer then I remember. It’s easy to find, just follow the small aircraft just off the Tullamarine Freeway!

The Run will start from there and head North and it will be as easy and as relaxing as you would like it to be. Some of the roads will be a little challenging and familiar, but most importantly enjoyable to drive with great scenery along the way.  We will be heading north through Wallan and then down through Eden Park, Whittlesea and finally to Growling Frog Golf Club in Yan Yean for coffee and/or brunch.   

The PCV Social Committee is pleased to provide members with such run opportunities in early 2021 after missing most of last year.


Meeting Place:  Essendon Fields Airport - Runway Plaza.  English Street, Hargrave Avenue, Essendon Fields.

Meeting Time:  8:30am for 9am briefing then departure.         

Parking:  As you enter English St continue to the far end on the right opposite the Terminal. A cafe is located in the supermarket complex next to the car park.

Registration:  $5 booking fee per car.  Any food and drink on the day will be at your own expense. Bookings will require precise number and name of attendees plus payment of the $5 booking fee.

Maximum No:  40

Deadline:  Wednesday 20th January (unless booked out sooner).

Run Contact:  Kon Gogos 0412 371 338

To be added to the waitlist please contact Carly on or ph 9817 6911.



This event is being run under the auspices of the Porsche Club of Victoria. It is expected that drivers will adhere to the road rules and will drive in a safe and courteous manner.



The following regulatory and hygiene practices will be required of all attendees at Social Runs (including Register Runs), until further notice:

Government requirements

Federal, State, Territory and Local Public Health guidelines are required to be followed in the running of all Social Runs.  


All attendees, including entrants and officials are required to pre-register for the event; noting the limit on permitted numbers. All attendees are encouraged to use the “COVIDSafe App”. A list of registered attendees and officials will be provided to Venue(s) Staff. Only authorised attendees will be allowed access into Venues.

Staff at Venues may be equipped with thermometers to test each and every attendee to guard against entry of possible carriers of COVID-19 Virus. Anyone with a raised temperature will not be allowed entry into a Venue. Please co-operate with staff at Venues and any directions from club officials.

Hygiene practices:

Appropriate signage, where provided, throughout Venues must be adhered to in all instances. Reminder public address announcements will be made reminding attendees to practice appropriate hygiene. Hand sanitisers, wipes and sprays will be available throughout all Venues.

Social distancing:

Under no circumstances are attendees at Social Runs to enter non-public areas of Venues and must demonstrate social distancing requirements and remain 1.5 metres apart. Venues will arrange seating where appropriate to comply with this requirement. Masks should be used in accordance with government rules.

Briefing/Event Communication:

All pre-event briefings will be conducted at the beginning and during the event and/or via electronic means such as this communication.


A nominated official of the Porsche Club of Victoria will be present at the event to ensure attendees adhere to these COVID-19 Requirements.

Attendees please follow all instructions given by Club Officials and Venue Staff during the event, as they have your best interests at heart.

In conclusion:

The Porsche Club of Victoria wishes to thank you for co-operating with these COVID-19 requirements and wish that you have an enjoyable day at this PCV Social Run. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated; forwarding any suggestions via email to

Acceptance of requirements:

Acceptance of these requirements will form part of the Entry Form as an attachment to this PCV Social Run.

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