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75 Years of Porsche
Officially approved Porsche Club 52
 Sunday, 3 July 2011

PHILLIP ISLAND SPRINT on Sun 3rd July plus options for entrants to join in parts of the club's Winter Double Run, eg Saturday run & lunch and/or Saturday dinner and/or Saturday night bed & breakfast - click here for details

Click Here for Sprint Flyer, Supplementary Regulations + Manual Entry Form

Click here for Further Regulations in regard to the Parade Lap

Click here for Current Attendee List


Click Here for Phillip Island 3/7/11 provisional class results (updated 4/7/11)

Click Here for Phillip Island 3/7/11 provisional detailed lap times (updated 4/7/11).





Click Here for Entree Class Info

Click Here for 2011 Competition Rules

Click Here for 2011 Vehicle Registration Form

Click Here for the 2011 Competition Numbers web page