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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Bryant Park

Porsche Club Hill Climb - Bryant Park

Sunday 18 February

Welcome to the first Hill Climb event of this season. Bryant Park is in the Haunted Hills at the eastern edge of the La Trobe Valley. Come and pit yourself against an exciting, technical and interesting track. Just like every twisty, undulating country road you have ever dreamed of – but with no oncoming traffic.

Entrée drivers who wish to get track experience at this venue are welcome to enter and develop their skills on this undulating piece of tarmac.

Gates open at 7:30am.

 Click Here for Supplementary Regulations

Competition Class

Evidence of prior experience or satisfactory completion of a high-performance driver training course is a Club requirement for the timed competition classes.

You will be given a sequential number and a rear window sticker with this number on registration. Entrants will be responsible for lining up in the correct sequence for their runs.

If this is your first event for 2018 we remind you that a 2018 Vehicle Registration Form must be submitted to be eligible for Competition Points. Click here for a blank form, or return the pre-filled form that was emailed on Fri 8th December 2017. Forms will need to be returned in sufficient time for the Scrutineers to review them before the close of entries.

Click here for the 2018 Rules and commentary on the major changes from the 2017 Rules.

Entrée Class

Entree class entrants are welcome at this event.

Entrants in the entrée class are allocated mentors from experienced club members. No advanced driver training, fire extinguishers or Dorians are required. All you need is a CAMS Level 2S Licence, an approved helmet, suitable clothing (see Supplementary Regulations) and a roadworthy vehicle. This is the perfect introduction to track days for new members.

Click here for more Entree Class information


Breakfast will not be available at the track. Note that there is a McDonalds immediately after the first Moe exit off the freeway.

Lunchtime catering will be provided by the Bryant Park canteen.


There are only 15 garages available at Bryant Park and they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Garage cost is $40 and they can be booked by ticking the box on the entry form.

Marshalling Team

If you are available to assist with this event, or are new and would like to give marshalling a try, you can register as a “Track Marshal” through the entry link below and you will be contacted. Alternatively, you can contact Gordon Johnstone via .


Click Here for online entries

Contact Carly for assistance with the online kiosk if required ( or 9817 6911).



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