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Sunday, 21 October 2018


**NEWS**  We have reached our capacity for car bookings on Thursday 6th Sept.

Please email Carly to go on the waiting list in case of cancelations.



‘Celebrating Together’

Sunday 21st October, 10am – 3pm.

Seaworks Williamstown. 82 Nelson Place (corner Ann St.)

*Concours          *Show ‘n’ Shine          *Come ‘n’ Park    

All in a spectacular central and historic location, with wonderful city views and in a family friendly atmosphere.

This year marks a significant year for Porsche AG, with the 70th Anniversary of Porsche. PCV is celebrating and sharing this important milestone with members by holding a flagship event, the Porsche Club of Victoria Porsche Festival ‘Celebrating Together’.

The Festival will showcase our passion for the Porsche brand, and will be open to members, family and friends, and the public on the 21st October at the historic and newly renovated Seaworks site in Williamstown (the vibrant heritage maritime precinct adjacent Williamstown seaport).

Focusing on members proudly displaying their vehicles, we encourage your participation and involvement and have catered to three different levels of participation: Concours, Show ‘n’ Shine, and Come ‘n’ Park.

The Concours and Show ‘n’ Shine categories will be judged with places and prizes awarded according to judging criteria, whilst the Come ‘n’ Park is an opportunity to present your beloved Porsche amongst other beauties in the general display area.


All entries MUST be made and paid before the event, owing to the fact that we will be in busy, desirable Williamstown, at one of Melbourne’s most sensational venues, with detailed logistics required for entering and leaving the site. There will be no admission available for cars not entered.

There is capacity for 181 cars, in a safe, protected, spectacular destination, which should provide fabulous photos for posterity! Moderate car booking fees of $30, $20 and $10 will help to offset the considerable costs.   All PCV members and immediate family will have free entry, with visitors and public charged a gold coin.

Bookings for our judged cars are open for one month, closing strictly at 5pm Friday 7th September.   Depending on numbers, Come ‘n’ Park may be open longer, but we recommend booking quickly to guarantee your spot.

A separate call out for volunteers will be sent in coming weeks.  Please keep your eye out for this as there are many roles to fill.  Set up, pack down, judging, marshalling.  All assistance will be greatly appreciated.

As well as our spectacular car show, this event will enable participants to enjoy the surrounding attractions and shopping of Nelson Place including Commonwealth Reserve with a children’s playground and likely a market, plus Gem Pier with navy ship Castlemaine.  In particular, on the Seaworks site itself, are a Maritime Museum, possibly Sea Shepherd’s ocean conservation ship the Steve Irwin and the Pirates Tavern - a unique old fashioned pub with a family friendly maritime themed ambience, open from 1pm on Sunday.  A coffee cart and food truck will also be on site to subdue our cravings.



It is our hope to have all judgable cars inside, under closed and locked cover in the building from the afternoon before. All concours entries will definitely be inside with security presence, we are hopeful this is the case for Show 'n Shine entries too but it depends on entry numbers.

Please note: Porsche Festival’s Technical Team will have the right to change classification of entries if deemed necessary, in consultation with the owner.



Concours cars will be judged to a higher standard in one group, similar to previous Master Class judging.

Concours Judging Criteria:

  • Originality – Points will be deducted for non-original features, (as desirability and provenance are important)
  • Condition and Cleanliness of:

- Exterior

-  Interior

 - Engine & Engine Bay

 - Luggage Compartments

 - Under Body (to include all visible components under guards and under the car).

  • Bonus Points - will be added for years since production, and distance travelled.
  • All Concours cars must be driven to the venue (no Trailered or Trucked cars will be accepted)
  • It has been decided that Boxster and Cayman engine bays will not be judged given the difficulties in accessing the engine bays.


Prizes will be awarded for outright First, Second and Third Place.

  • All cars entered in Concours will be held inside the building with security presence.
  • Under no circumstances can entrants approach or discuss their entry with judges.
  • Bump-in is expected around 3pm on Saturday 20th October TBC.
  • Bump Out – vehicles will not be allowed to be removed from the facility until after the completion of the event approx 3pm. This will be done under marshal guidance.

Cost is $30 per car, payable at time of booking. Bookings close 5pm Friday 7th September (unless capacity reached prior).



Show ’n’ Shine will be judged in modified Register Classes, similar to previous events, involving Condition and Cleanliness of Interior, Exterior, Engine and Engine Bay, Luggage Compartments, Wheels and Tyres, with the same bonuses. There will be no deductions for non-originality. Emphasis will be on Condition and Cleanliness. Boxster and Cayman engine bays will not be judged.

It is hoped that all of our Show ‘n’ Shine cars will also be held in the secure building with bump in on Saturday afternoon, but this depends on entry numbers.  If outside, parking will be on the concrete pier immediately behind the building and somewhat sheltered.  If inside, bump-in will be around 4pm on Saturday afternoon or if outside, Sunday at 8.00am TBC. Cars will need to remain in place until 3pm and only be moved under marshal guidance. 

Cost is $20 per car, payable at time of booking.  Bookings close 5pm Friday 7th September (unless capacity reached prior).

Register groups will be:

1. Early, up to ’73

2. Mid 911 (G Series)

3. 964 and 993

4. Torque Tube (Front Engine)

5. Boxster and Cayman

6. Modern 911 (996 to 991)

7. Cayenne, Macan, Panamera

All versions of any model will be placed in that model group. Please note that these groups may be altered after entries are received, to try to equalise numbers, such as moving 996 or Panamera, as 964 has been moved from G Series. There will be a prize for each Register group winner.



Come ’n’ Park cars will not be judged. Just bring along your sparkling Pride ’n’ Joy!  Similar to a “coffee & cars” event but longer lasting.  These cars will be parked on the pier but limited room exists so bookings will be essential. Bump-in will be on Sunday at 9.00am TBC.  Cars will need to remain in place until 3pm and only be moved under marshal guidance. 

Cost will be $10 per car, payable at time of booking.  ALL cars in Come ‘n’ Park MUST be booked in.  Please note there is NO casual parking on site for the day.  Bookings close 5pm Friday 7th September. (This may be extended pending available space, or may close earlier if capacity reached).



Online bookings Closed due to capacity reached. 

For any booking assistance or queries contact Carly on or Ph 9817 6911.  Specific category or judging queries will be referred to the Festival's technical team.

Cancelations – Please note that no refunds will be made once bookings are closed on 7th September.  This event requires a firm commitment to assist organisers in planning the best event possible.


Special Car Display Applications

There will be a limited separate display of special cars at the PCV Porsche Festival. These cars will be very rare, very interesting, perhaps with fascinating history, or be otherwise extraordinary, which members have always been longing to see!

These cars will not be judged, but safely stand aside from the others in the main building, with required descriptive information boards.  Cost will be $30 for successful applicants and cars will be required on site from Saturday afternoon 20th October.

Written applications, with full details, provenance and photos, should be sent to Carly on All applicants will be contacted ASAP, successful or not, by the Technical Committee. The number of entrants will be decided within a few weeks, as display room depends on many factors as the Festival unfolds.

Call for Judges

PCV requires judges for Concours and Show ’n’ Shine cars on October 21st.

Depending on car entries, at the very least we require 20 overall, with 2 judges for each Register, to examine each of the cars in that Register, and the rest for Concours cars. Please state which Register you prefer, but not one in which you have an outcome interest!

It is expected that judging may take up to 3 hours on that morning and you could do it while your car is being judged. The more the merrier, so express your interest and you will be contacted over the coming weeks. Apply to Carly on .


Call for Marshals & Helpers

PCV requires a lot of Officials / Marshals / Helpers for the smooth running of the Festival.

We have access to Seaworks from 2-6pm on Sat 20th and from 7am-7pm on Sun 21st.  All the cars that will remain in the locked building overnight on Sat, about 35, will come in on Sat afternoon.  All the cars parked outside the building and down the pier, up to 145, will come in on Sun morning from 7-10am.  The logistics will be detailed and challenging.

Marshals will be required from 2-6pm on Sat to direct cars, tape the car spaces and help in setting up.  More marshals will similarly be required from 7am on Sun to direct and place cars, further assist in setting up, and controlling human beings.

The show is open from 10am - 3pm, and 'demobilising' and cleaning may take until 7pm.  You may nominate preferred hours, either on Sat afternoon, or half a day on Sun morning or afternoon, or the whole lot, or while your pride and joy is displayed!

We hope that lots of the competition marshals will be available, as they're used to directing cars and people around.  Please apply to Carly and you will be contacted soon with details.


NEWS - Momentum for this event is certainly gathering within our community.  PCV Member Olga Junek has written about the Porsche Festival on Weekend Notes.  Click Here to read.


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Seaworks Williamstown, our Festival venue



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