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Friday, 9 March 2012

Feedback in the Competitors Survey strongly supported additional time at Sandown, and midweek practice was favoured. This event was therefore booked for Combined Driver Training and untimed practice sessions.

Similar to our August driver training, the theory will be delivered by Dean Sammut, a professional driver training instructor and Victorian Manager of John Bowe Training. The event is supported by John Bowe Driver Training, who are providing most of the instructors on the Friday. Club members who are able to assist with instruction should please contact Andrew Bonwick, click here.

The theory session will start at 6pm on Thursday 8th of March at the Porsche Centre Melbourne Boardroom, and run for about 2hrs. The theory session will cover track driving, car control and an introduction to the Sandown layout.

The next morning - Friday the 9th March - will start with registration at the track at 8am. After a compulsory driver briefing at 9am, the driver training participants will be taken on a track tour, then matched with an instructor.

Participants will get 20 minute track sessions each hour up to 4.30 pm, with a 30 minute lunch break at 1pm.

If this is your first time on the track you will be especially welcome, or if you are looking to get some track time with instruction - there will be a place for you.

In addition the club will run an untimed practice group. Limited to 20 participants this group will also get 20 minutes of open pit each hour, with a 30 minute break for lunch at 1pm. Instructors will not be provided for untimed practice entrants.

Just the thing to prepare for the club sprint at Sandown 3 days later.

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