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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sandown International Raceway

The Sandown 240

Photos from this year's event:

PCV Website, part 1 and part 2.

George Hitchens

Organise your Teams and get ready for a one day 4 Hour Regularity Relay to be held at Sandown International Raceway on Sunday 3rd of May.

Start your 2015 regularity relay motor racing season with this good natured Multi Club event at Sandown International Raceway as a great lead in to the 6 Hour relays at Phillip Island and Winton.

In past years we have had a great array of Triumphs, Nissans, Holdens, Falcons, Hondas, Alfas, BMWs, Mazdas, MGs and Jaguars all ready to throw down the challenge to the Porsches.

PCV members enter using the PCV event entry system via the usual Kiosk, here.

Members of other Clubs can either use CAMS Event Entry or you can enter via the PCV entry system. If you entered via PCV last year then you can login via the PCV portal the same way. (Use the "Forgotten Password" link if you need to).

With this being a multi club team event the entry process requires that the Team Manager makes a single entry, nominates the team name and pays the entry fee. Individual team members then enter for free and just identify your team.

PCV members can either enter as a team or as an individual, for an individual entry we will put you into a team for the event.

The Kiosk will show all the entries, as well as have the Supplementary Regulations and provision for dorian hire.

Click Here to view the Supp Regs

Click Here to view the Further Regs

All other enquiries can be directed to or administrator@




Click Here for Sandown 240 provisional Class Results (at 26/05/15)

Click Here for Sandown 240 provisional Outright Results (at 26/05/15)

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