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Saturday, 17 May 2014


NOTE - Is on a Saturday

Welcome to Winton for our first event at this venue in 2014.

Gates open 7.00am.

Entry Fees - Sprint $190 or $180 with own number

This is a multi-club event where we are being hosted by the WRX Club. PCV has a maximum of 54 entries (3 groups); WRX 54 entries (3 groups).

Please be aware that the WRX guys typically arrive early to their events, so if you want a good spot, don’t be late.

Because of this arrangement, we will not be running Entrée class.


Using the Winton canteen is a condition of track hire. If WRX can work any other options we will let you know.

Competition Entrants

Evidence of prior track experience or satisfactory completion of a high performance driver-training course is a Club requirement for the timed competition classes.

All competitors will require a Dorian transponder to be fitted to their cars for official times to be recorded. Please make sure they are properly fitted and charged. Dorians can be hired for the day for $45, but must be booked at time of entry.

Remember that a 2014 Vehicle Registration Form must have been received prior to entering for classification and points eligibility. Click Here for 2014 Rules which include Reg Form.

Garage Hire

The Club will not be arranging garages at Winton. Anyone who wants a garage should contact the circuit directly on 5766 4235. The shelters at Winton are free, but taken on a first come basis.

PCV Marshalling Team - Please contact Andrew Bonwick via email if you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try.

General Enquiries to Tony Carolan, Competition Director by email or phone – 0412 217 365

Click Here for Supplementary Regulations

Click Here for Online Entries. Contact Carly if assistance is required on 9817 6911 or .

Click Here for Attendee List

The 2014 Rules include a move to benchmark points for Class and Club Championships. Click Here for a spreadsheet that calculates the points that are earned for increments above and below the track records (click here for track records).



Click Here for Winton 17/5/14 provisional class results (at 18/5/14)

Click Here for Winton 17/5/14 provisional outright results (at 18/5/14)

Click Here for Winton 17/5/15 provisional detailed lap times (at 18/5/14)

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