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Sunday, 27 February 2011

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Race Circuit Training at Sandown on Saturday 26th February with John Bowe Driving - Click Here for details


Please find below the provisional results for the Porsche Cars at Sandown Regularity.

The result is First, Team 15 Mark Chrzanowski, Aaron Ireland, Grant Stephenson and Peter Harrison with a winning Factor of 55.29.

Second, Team 6 Juris Briedis, Linley Baxter, Martin Higgs and Simon Baxter, Win Factor 51.94.

Third, Team 12, Ben Faggetter, Bob Hawker, Manny Mezzasalma and Phil Treloar with a Win Factor of 51.04.

The best individual win Factors were first Bob Hawker 3.93, second Dale Swan 4.04 third Michael Herrod 4.37.

Congratulations to all.

Note that arithmetically the win factor is expressed as “Goal Laps / Achieved Laps with the team with the lowest Win Factor is the winner” in the Further Regulations, but is calculated as “Achieved Laps / Goal Laps with the team with the highest Win Factor is the winner” in the results.


Click here for final results (as at 8/3/11)

Click Here for revised final detailed lap times (as at 8/3/11)

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