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0911CS, a very important and truly timeless combination that adds that extra exclusive element to your awesome Porsche 911.

CS stems back to the late 80 when Porsche decided to make a light weight version of their wonderful G series Carrera, this car had a 3.2ltr engine and was stripped of excess kilos to improve performance and handling. CS is largely regarded as meaning ‘Club Sport’.
CS can also relate to modern GT3’s which had a favourable club sport option for the series 996, 997, 991 and soon to be released 992 GT3. 
CS can also be regarded as ‘Carrera S’ which suits 997 to current 992 series cars. Also the rare 993RSCS applies to this plate combination. 

Plates will consist of 2 black and white slimlines.



Brilliant plate combination. Be the first to have these plates on your new 992 GT3 or yet to be announced GT2. These plates have never been registered to a car before, they are brand new and ready to add that little bit of extra class to your Porsche.
Plates will come as black and white, one slimline and one standard size.


0991GT, an excellent combination that will suit any Porsche 991 model GT3, GT2 or even a humble Carrera. Add that extra element of exclusivity and class to your amazing car and make it that little bit more unique. 
Plates come as 1 standard size for the back and 1 slimline for the front, both in white font on a black background. 
Price is negotiable for serious buyers only.

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