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 Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday 8 June – Now Broadford not DECA

Late last week we were advised by DECA management that due to safety reasons our Queen’s Birthday event would only have access to the skid pan. Neither the back track nor the centre track would be available for our use. Despite working with both CAMS and AASA we were not able to reverse this decision.

We have quickly sought an alternative and have been able to gain access to Broadford for the Sunday 8 June in lieu of DECA.

This should not change the amenity of the weekend for any of our entrants that live south of Winton. Overnight stays and dinners in Benalla and Shepparton can still proceed as normal and on Sunday morning you will have a leisurely 104km drive from Shepparton, or 127km from Benalla down to Broadford. We will have a 0930 start at Broadford so that you aren’t too rushed.


Broadford is one of the more unusual tracks on our itinerary, very enjoyable and quite testing. The last time we were there in late 2012 we ran the event as a sprint which gave far more track time than the hillclimb format. This time we intend to do the same but will classify the event as non-sprint in relation to championship points. We will have groups of 8 cars, evenly spread on the track for warm up, 3 hot laps, cool down.

Entree Class will be available at this event. Entree Class is the ideal racetrack introduction for new members and those who haven't competed before. Entree Class numbers are limited. Click Here for Entree Class information.

Click Here for a map of how to get to the circuit

Online entry - click here to be taken to the Kiosk. Contact Carly if assistance is needed or 9817 6911.

Click Here for Attendee List (as at 4/6/14)

PCV Marshalling Team - Please contact Andrew Bonwick via email if you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try. A good evironment to give marshalling a go.

Extract From Supplementary Regulations

The event will be held at the State Motorcycle Centre Broadford.

A maximum of 88 entries will be accepted and in order of receipt on a correctly completed entry form.

Maximum Noise not to exceed 75db(A) as measured by 30-Metre drive by test on equipment provided by circuit.

Broadford Event guidelines.

•Vehicles must run in allocated order.

•Maximum group size will be 8 cars.

•There will be no overtaking under brakes

•The event will be run in an clockwise direction

•The first session will be untimed. Drivers cannot participate in a timed session unless they have run an untimed practice.

•Track entry will be via the pit lane behind the timing tower

•Drivers will be let onto the track with the maximum practical separation. There will be 3 timed laps after the first car re-crosses the start line.

•Once shown the chequered flag, proceed at non race pace and exit the track via the off ramp at turn 10

•There may be a speed restriction chicane at turn 5. This will be announced at the Drivers Briefing.



Click Here for Broadford 8/6/14 provisional class results (at 16/6/14)

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