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Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Competition Committee has been reviewing the Calder booking for 6 November. Option 1 was to keep the booking as a points earning round. This had some disadvantages, principally that was only a week after President’s Day, and with the competition points and places pretty much sorted we ran the risk of another meeting with low bookings. Calder is not a popular track, and this would potentially exacerbate any of these issues.

Option 2 was to move Calder to April next year. The main straight has been moved to what used to be the pit straight and given a new track surface. The new course uses the old pit exit and the old pit lane as the main straight with a dog leg to return to the old course at the end – this avoids the turn 1 onto the drag strip. This will add some rain insurance, provides a new track (from a track records point of view) and adds another sprint event into the first half of the year.

It has been decided to move the event from November 2011 to April 1 2012, so Winton (9 October) will be that last points earning event of the year, and President’s Day will be the last event.

Andrew Bonwick, for the Competition Committee

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