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Sunday, 6 July 2014 - Sunday, 6 July 2014


THE SANDOWN 4 HOUR RELAY replaces the "Sandown 360" 6 Hour Relay.

Unfortunately entries for the Sandown 360 on 5th & 6th July were well below expectations and it was clear that it would not be financially viable for Porsche Club Victoria to run this event as planned.

We have decided to convert this 2 day, 6 hour event into a one day, 4 hour event on the Sunday with a similar format. The practice will be in the morning and the 4 hour regularity run between midday and 4pm.

Entry fees have reduced to $1,000 per team or $250 for individual entrants, who we’ll group into a team.

The best way to enter is to form up a team of between 4 and 6 cars and select a team manager (who can also be a driver, but preferred if not). The team manager enters for the team and pays the $1,000 entry, the team members then enter for free (subject, of course, to agreeing to reimburse the team manager) and just link to the team name nominated by the manager.

It is still a multi-club event, so PCV members can join friends from other car clubs and make a team. Teams are 4 to 6 people. In the worst case, any individuals who cannot get into a team will get a full refund.

We hope that the one day commitment and lower entry fee will entice more drivers to come and enjoy a wonderful day of muti-club motorsport.


Entry is simple via the PCV event entry system:

PCV members enter via the Kiosk here

Members of other Clubs must register first, here, if you have not already done so. You will then receive a password which will allow you to enter via the Kiosk, here.

With this being a multi club team event the entry process requires that the Team Manager makes a single entry, nominates the team name and pays the entry fee. Individual team members then enter for free and just identify your team.

PCV members can either enter as a team or as an individual, for an individual entry we will put you into a team for the event.

The Kiosk will show all the entries, as well as have the Supplementary Regulations and provision for dorian hire.

Click Here to view the 4 Hour Supp Regs.

Click Here to view the Further Regs.

All other enquiries can be directed to or Carly at administrator@ or 9817 6911.



The individual results and points are here, the individual times are here.

Click Here for Sandown Regularity 7/7/14 provisional detailed Lap Times (at 11/7/14)

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