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Mid 911 Register Run to Eildon/Mansfield

Written by : Lily Williams

The Mid 911 Register Run to Eildon/Mansfield met at the Croydon McDonalds where we were kindly greeted by Jim and Mandy Adamson.  We welcomed new club member Jim McPhee on his first ever run with his beautiful 1986 911 in Grand Prix White.

The weather gods were certainly tantalising us with a most gorgeous forecast for the weekend. A superb Saturday morning made for an enthusiastic bunch of drivers raring to head off, but not before Jim Adamson kindly extended his friendship by offering overnight accommodation to any late comers (although we are still not sure if he was offering his bed or paying for a spare room!!) 

The group headed off at 10.15am on the first leg toward the Yarra Ranges bound for the delightful town of Yea. It wasn’t too long before we passed the lovely Biachant and Chateu Yering Wineries perhaps a little teaser for some delightful wines to enjoy in the afternoon!

We made a left onto Butterman’s Track where the group enjoyed the road ahead, great corners, narrow tight roads high up through the Kinglake National Park. As we came down through the park the road opened up for some fantastic long sweeping corners where we could really let loose particularly through Break Oday Rd towards Flowerdale. Stunning pastural valley’s and long meandering roads were perfect timing to up the music and throttle to really take in the surroundings on a brilliant spring morning!

We arrived in Yea at 11.35 to meet up for a much-needed coffee and delectable cakes at the Rendezvous Café whilst enjoying some banter in the wonderful courtyard sun

For our second leg we headed off at 12.30 for Eildon where once again we had the pleasure of a relaxing drive through Acheron and the stunning valley’s through Taggerty and the wonderful sights of the Cathedral Ranges and finally meeting an hour later at the Aqua Bar and Café for lunch

The 911’s had pride of place in the main carpark (thanks to Greg from the Aqua Café) which made for a great photo opportunity.  We enjoyed lunch on the decking with uninterrupted views of Lake Eildon and were quick to head to the bar for refreshments which certainly quenched our thirst as we basked in the amazing afternoon sun. For Lunch there was a great selection from the menu such as Battered Flat head tails, Steaks, Salt and Pepper Squid to name but a few. Lots of laughs and a great afternoon enjoying each other’s company.

All was well until the raffle, where Table 26 suspiciously took all the spoils, some would say rigged yet somehow, they called it lucky! 

Anyway, congratulations to our raffle winners: Mandy Adamson, Kenny Eve and Harriet Anson.

A special thanks for our hosts at the Aqua Bar & Café, Greg and Tracey, who kindly donated a bottle of wine for the day’s scribe, and went out of their way to make us welcome.

For our Final drive the group heading off at 3pm for the longest section of our run: Eildon to Mansfield. This leg was approx. 2 hours where the drivers were really put through their paces on the extremely tight and very winding narrow roads, with many ascents and descents in this leg. Driver skills was really put to the test. We drove through Eildon National park where we were enclosed by the magnificent dense bush and the feeling of being “on top of the world’   Several of the group gathered for a stretch of the legs at the scenic Look Out which show cased the gorgeous region with the Howqua Inlet below. This was a terrific  spot for some wonderful panoramic photos. After a short stop over we were off and running again and with the roads finally opening up as we headed into Mansfield arriving at 5pm.

The group had several hours to unwind before we took a short walk from our accommodation to meet at 7pm at the Bos Taurus Restaurant. Pre-dinner drinks where enjoyed outside the upper deck on a balmy Spring evening followed by a wonderful dinner with the speciality being the premium steaks from Australia’s best producers. A lovely night full of laughs, wine and conversation with fabulous friends and a few celebrities look a likes within our group; Ewan Walsh aka Drew Carey and   Murray Seymour aka Shane Bourne. A short stroll home and a well-earned sleep after an amazing day was had by all.

On Sunday and we awoke to another glorious spring morning where we met for breakfast at

The Coffee Merchant with some delicious breaky options such as Pork Benedict, Ham and Gruyere croquettes and of course a mandatory coffee. Before too long we said our good byes as we made our way home with a few in the group heading for one last run through to gorgeous Healesville.

Mid 911 register members would like to extend their special thanks to Jim and Mandy Adamson for organising this thrill filled run, accommodation options and fabulous places to dine, wine and enjoy.

A Terrific weekend was had by all.



Mid 911 Run to Hogget KItchen

Sunday 2nd June 2019

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Well done Jim and Mandy for another memorable Mid 911 Register run. Big thumbs up for also organising a break in the rain for the day.

It all started in Endeavour Hills McDonalds where we met new members Leo Fusinato (Cayman), Steven and Susie Perien (911SC), and Anthony Presta (911 GTS). Welcome to you all. Anthony’s GTS was parked next to my SC and apart from being wider, longer, faster, fitted with AC and other interesting things is was clearly in the same family. As we always say, it doesn’t matter what Porsche you have, you’re always welcome on any register run. With a great mix of old, new, 911, Cayman, a Mini (?) and after the obligatory jokes about Jim’s lead foot we set off for morning tea in Korumburra.

All was well till Ewan (my navigator) and I decide to follow Google Maps and not Vickie Morris. Bad mistake. Vickie and her 964 knew exactly where they were going. At least Goggle maps does get you back to where you are meant to be. We stick (sort of) to the notes from there on. Travelling through some very picturesque scenery as we head through Beaconsfield, Koo Wee Rup and Nyora, Ewan and I decide again to make an unintended detour through Poowong, with Anthony in tow. Eight little LED lights shinning back at me through my rear-view mirror. Elegant yet sinister at the same time. Eventually we arrive into Korumburra for morning tea, attracting the appropriate ribbing for getting lost twice. All in the fun I say. Anthony didn’t seem to mind.

We head back out and admire each other’s pride and joy before heading off for lunch in Warragul. Leigh and Dianne Sampson’s 993TT for mine. Lovely vehicle. Exceptional drive through Mount Worth State Park. Lots of slow corners with beautiful natural Australian bush as a backdrop. Nothing like seeing a train of Porsches flowing corner through corner. No navigational issues this time around as we all make it to Hogget Kitchen within a few minutes of each other.

A winery as a backdrop we head in to find the cellar door. Drinks in hand we sit down for an exceptional lunch. The grass fed 350g Angus steak a clear winner on the menu. So good in fact that John Gedye heard about it and turned up last minute just for lunch! After a good chin wag Jim presented Margot Templar, Barbara Ellaway and a lucky yours truly with a bottle of wine as raffle winners. Does it get any better than this?


Mid 911 Register Run to Myrniong

Sunday 31st March 2019

Story by Anna Cook     Photos by Paul Sbrissa & Ken Anson

Twenty-five cars arrived at McDonalds, Gisborne in cool weather and under an overcast sky. Register Captain Paul Sbrissa welcomed everyone including guests, Natasha and Charles Dixon and John Browne.

John’s Cayman, Design 1, 2006, was notable for its lowered suspension, custom vinyl black-on-black graphics on its exterior and it’s very revvy numberplate ‘VRM VRM ‘. Of the seventy-seven models made, only twelve reached Australia.

Arriving at Mt Macedon, the mist lifted and the sun shone. After Woodend, Kyneton South and Spring Hill we stopped for morning tea at the Glenlyon Store. Members gathered in and outside under its handsome wide verandas sipping and chatting.

All cars set off for the second leg to Myrniong via Trentham i.e. except for two! Drivers Randall Leacock and John Browne turned left instead of right unaware that their spirited driving was off piste and headed back to Gisborne.  John and navigator Murray Cook finally caught up with Randall and got back on track.

The weather having turned cold, arriving at The Plough everyone sought the warmth of a large log fire. Sipping wine, everyone enjoyed a main course of roast chicken and pork.

Paul Sbrissa awarded raffle winners with bottles of wine - Shelley Stepowski, Oltam Pantell, Sylvia Rogers, Randall Leacock and Sue Davis (Tasmania). Ken Anson thanked Paul Sbrissa and his wife Karen Bentley, for their excellent organisation and logistics.

I chatted to raffle winner, Sue Davis who with husband John (964, 1990, Red), hail from Hobart and are members of the PC Tasmania; recently purchased digs in Docklands and are regular visitors to Melbourne. They are new members of the PCV, 356 Register.  (Their 1963, “Tassy Tub” lives in Hobart.)  I then introduced Ken Anson who extended a warm welcome and gave insightful info about the PCV. We trust to see the Davis’s again and again!


Mid 911 Run to T'Gallant Winery

Sunday 4th March 2018

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Mid 911 Run to Yarra Valley

Sunday 29th October 2017

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Mid 911 Run to Hogans Hotel in Wallan

Sunday August 13th 2017-08-13

Story by Gail Chittleborough              Photos by Neville Sampson

I looked across to the carpark and saw 21 Porsches and 1 Ferrari, all beautifully clean, polished and fuelled, along with 39 members and guests, all ready for the “run”.  Old and new members listened as Ken Anson provided a briefing about the route. Ken welcomed new members participating in their first run: Simon Best, driving a 911SC (1980 Light blue) and Barry and Ursula Pritchett driving a 911 3.2 Carrera (Silver), and guests John Sharley and Bruno Scambiaterra. Armed with our comprehensive itinerary notes we left Roxburgh Park shopping centre carpark on a beautiful sunny winters’ day.

Zig zagging across the Hume freeway, we enjoyed a relaxing 89 km drive through the newly developing outer suburbs north of Melbourne and north to Kilmore. The drive included some sweeping curves, narrow bridges, a concealed switchback, roadworks and some rolling straights. We had a leisurely morning tea break in Kilmore, with time for chatting in the sunshine, with the cars in view in the car park.

The second leg of the run was 99.8km and again we zig zagged across the Hume highway. We travelled north from Kilmore to Strath Creek, and on through Broadford-Flowerdale, Whittlesea, ending at Wallan. We travelled across rolling plains of farmlands, and natural bushland with gumtrees shading the road. There was little traffic on the first half of this leg as we drove down the escarpment into Flowerdale, and while the traffic increased in the second half the run, it was a very scenic drive through East Kinglake and down into Whittlesea.

The best part of the trip for me was observing the line of Porsches along the road - looking ahead there were 7 Porsches snaking their way along the road and behind in the side mirror I could see another 7 Porsches. Quite a sight! As we arrived at the Hogan hotel carpark in Wallan, Ken and Harriet were waiting for us – with car spaces secured for all.

Conversation flowed as lunch was served efficiently by the staff at the hotel. Neville Sampson, the photographer on the day, grabbed the smiles and machinery throughout the day. Ken conducted the raffle with lucky winners: Jeanette Sampson, Harriet Anson, Allan Hines, Bruno Scambiaterra, Norman Smith and Jane Hallam.

While most of the cars were mid 911, there were some Caymans and Boxsters. The friendliness of participants is a common feature of these runs.  The passionate car owners always have something to share about their cars and today was no different. Conversational titbits included hearing about a “great” recent experience at the Porsche Sport driving school at Mt Cotton in Queensland, and a memorable and impressive factory tour and museum visit to the Porsche facility in Stuttgart, Germany. The engine of one 964 was proudly displayed complete with original oil stickers etc in response to a conversation. I also heard about the restoration of a 964, the anguish over stone chips and deliberation over tyre brands.

The route that Harriet devised was superb and the weather magic – great organisation! Many thanks Harriet and Ken for a great day.

MID 911 RUN to Phillip Island

Sunday 28th May 2017

Story by Aggie Ryan        Photos by Aggie Ryan & Yannick Anderson

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Despite the cold, rainy start for the Winter Mid 911 Run to Phillip Island on the fourth Sunday of May, the atmosphere inside the starting point of the BP Outbound, at Officer was quite warm and jovial, and akin to a post Anzac Day march, minus the hip flask additives.

To explain this further, as you know, starting an ageing car on a cold winter’s morning, and have it idle for a reasonable time to warm up, before easing it into gear without too many joint squeaks or twitches, then drive it with windows part way down to prevent fogging up the windscreen, and arrive at the first point of call without any warning lights appearing on the dash … well, THAT is a great start to the day. And hence why we were happy to be sipping coffee at a highway service centre, surrounded by other frozen, like minded Mid 911 enthusiasts, ready to face the rest of the day, and knowing as well, that the heaters and demisters had finally started to kick in.

I should point out that there were a couple of newbie Porsches along for the drive as well that day. Our procession out of the service station looked like a striking rainbow of colours as we headed along the (M1) autobahn towards our first destination at Loch Village. And, as if on cue, the grey clouds parted and the sun shone in patches along our journey on the highway, and through the picturesque hills and valleys of the South Gippsland area.

Our maps and road notes were very comprehensive, and that included a pre-drive briefing from Graeme Anderson, warning us about a stretch of twisty road that was hazardous when wet, and to definitely consider Plan B, if that was the case. Fortunately it was not, and the terrain definitely tested out the ride and handling on the Mid 911s, and perhaps blew out some of the dust and cobwebs from under the engine lids, just a little.

The Baw Baw ranges were shrouded in the distance, and place names like Drouin, Nar Nar Goon, Cannibal Creek, Jindivick, Korumburra and Poowong passed us by, as were it seems a growing number of organic farms specialising in strawberries, cheese, eggs, olives and wines, some with farm gate produce for sale, enticing us to perhaps revisit on another occasion.

The rain had stopped, as we zipped through groves of pines with needles floating by, making it reminiscent of an early 80’s car ad, and probably more so when we passed a bunch of Aston Martins, at that particular moment.

Cows and sheep were wrapped in their rugs and ugg boots, hay bales dotted lush green paddocks, and chimneys on country cottages were puffing out trails of smoke to signal a lazy morning for its occupants, who were possibly luxuriating by their fire, with a Sunday paper and hot chocolate in hand.

Fortunately for us, our next stop at the Rustic Cacao Chocolate Factory in lovely little Loch, had delightful hosts, Alan and Diana, providing warm mugs of authentic hot chocolate, and maybe a cake or three for morning tea. Conversations began in earnest about the drive, the cars, the weather, Porsche track days, snippets of personal adjuncts, car repairs, that delicious (spiced) hot chocolate, the tasty products lining the café shelves, and more auto talk, of course.

Forthwith, after taking over the village amenities, we journeyed on our way through more magnificent countryside towards the final stop, with vistas of lush hills, and distant wind turbines along the coast, making it especially distracting for the map readers, actually, probably just me, trying to follow the route directions. I think only once, did our group veer off course. That said, we all managed to pass the allocated towns of Kongwak, Almurta and Dalyston before merging onto the highway passing through Kilcunda, where the sky turned overcast again, and drops of rain began.

Phillip Island was in our sights, as we finally crossed the bridge at San Remo towards our lunch spot at The Cape Kitchen, situated right by the ocean at Newhaven.

Conditions were blustery, and the water a heaving mass of dark grey energy. Along the coast Cape Woolamai and Pyramid Rock were obscured by winds from the Bass Strait pelting the rain hard against the large window panes. We sat impervious to this as the drama unfolded outside.

Wait staff busied themselves taking drink orders from our group of thirty, who were keen to sample the menu offered for our lunch. The platters of salmon, chicken, salad and chips filled the tables and sated our appetites, we thought, until the platters of desserts arrived.

Conversation and laughter filled our corner of the restaurant, until it seemed that time had crept up on us and it became apparent that the journey home was going to take longer, the more we continued to chat. The raffle draws for the two bottles of wine capped off what was a wonderful day with promises by most to catch up again at another run in the near future.

The heavens were still pouring when everyone made a dash for their cars. So with heaters on, we left with quite a chill in the air, in fact, quite similar to how we started the day really.


Mid 911 Run to Heathcote Winery

Sunday 26th February 2017

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Superb weather, fantastic company, good food, excellently organized mid 911 run what more can I say.

9.30am on Sunday 26th Feb saw 36 eager individuals congregate at the Golden Arches in Mill Park to take part in the first mid 911 run for 2017. After coffee and a quick briefing by Ken we were off following the run notes on our way to Wallan for morning tea. The weather, blue skies and sunshine but not too hot was welcomed by those of us with the older 911's with no aircon and meant we could all arrive without looking like we had had a shower on the way or pouring ourselves out of our seats. The route was interesting with the normal uneven rail crossings and single lane bridges to navigate around and had the added challenge of someone swapping a roundabout for traffic lights overnight - or was that just a hiccup in the notes that sent half a dozen Porsches doing u-turns and deviations to continue on the run?!  Our stop at The Wine Hub in Wallan was excellent with coffee and fantastic cake offerings, lemon tarts and mars chocolate cake being just a couple of the best. A place I must keep in mind if passing that way again.

We left the Wine Club carefully navigating our way over the exit gutter that must have been designed to give mechanics extra business, to start part 2 of our run. Country roads with lovely views and of course another couple of bumpy rail crossings lead us to an interesting junction where the right of way was somewhat confusing. Having been pre-warned of this on the well written run notes we took great caution in navigating this turn. Having passed through Wandong and Pyalong we arrived at our lunch destination of Heathcote Winery. This Winery was in the Main Street of Heathcote and was very rustic with exposed brick walls and a tranquil courtyard garden. Wine tastings were on offer, then we all sat down to a beautiful 2 course meal served with salad, just right for the temperature of the day. One new member Rohan Mayer  attended the run, and the 2 bottles of wine donated by the Winery and the two supplied by the Club were won by Shelley Stepowski, Peter Day, Peter Cromie and Ken Ellaway. After this enjoyable lunch most departed to head back home around 3pm. A perfect relaxing day with fantastic weather, a hard way to spend a Sunday!


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