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Sunday, 12 March 2017


Hope you all had a good start to the 2017. In case you thought it would be too long of a wait for the next Club Run this is a good excuse and opportunity to get those nice clean cars out of the garage.

Although it is a Casual Coffee Run that doesn’t mean we are not going to have an enjoyable drive or get together. This is a good opportunity to meet with members you know, and also members you may not know, and this will happen at a great location. 

By the way this invite for the Coffee Run is for all members and potential members no matter which Porsche model you have or you would like to have.

In case you are wondering where we are heading is “Woodstock“ a place that should jog some memories for those that are old enough. Alright I have to be honest, it's not where the Rock Festival was held back in the early seventies, the place back then was Sunbury, great concert. Yes it's a Golf Club but Woodstock sounds better.

We will meet at Essendon Airport which has been around a lot longer then I remember. If you don’t know where that is just follow the planes - the small ones. The Run will start from there and the drive will be an easy and as relaxing as you would like to be. 

Some of the roads will be a little challenging but most importantly enjoyable to drive along and if you have the time, enjoy the scenery. We will be heading north through Wallan and then down through Whittlesea and finally to Woodstock, sorry I mean Growling Frog Golf Club. No matter how you decide to enjoy your run, either way, dare I say it, you won’t be disappointed.   

The meeting place, and once again with some history, is Essendon Airport where we will start of what will be a very enjoyable Run. Did I mention the country side roads?

Meeting Place:            Essendon Airport - At the Terminal.  Meet: 8:30am for 9:00am departure

Address:                      English Street, Hargrave Ave, Essendon

Parking:                       As you enter English St, it is at the far end on the right opposite the Terminal

Coffee available approx 100m from Terminal same side as car park

Cost:                           $5.00 admin fee per booking.  All other costs to own account on the day

Enquires to Carly on 9817 6911 or

Max 40 people.  Closing date is 8th March unless sold out prior

Run Contact:               Kon Gogos -  0412 371 338

                                    Ken Anson -  0411 775 263





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