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Monday, 30 September 2013

PCV members have been invited to submit their original cars for feature in a new magazine “Survivor Car Australia”, details following:

“We are seeking the help of your club members for feature cars in Australia's first ever Survivor Car magazine.

I am writing to you and your club members announcing the launch of a new car magazine called “Survivor Car Australia” with the first issue hitting the newsstands in September. “Survivor Car Australia” is a high quality magazine published quarterly that focus' on original unrestored and unmodified classic cars. This section of the car fraternity has been slowly emerging and capturing people’s attention and interest. We are very passionate about Survivor Cars and are convinced that these cars are now due the recognition that they deserve. Many have told us it’s been a long time coming!

What makes a Survivor Car so attractive and intriguing is simply their rarity. Whilst thousands of customised, concourse and restored cars are on display at many car events around the country on any given weekend, very few Survivor Cars are evident. What makes Survivor cars so appealing is their true original unrestored condition. You can restore a car a dozen times, but you can’t unrestore it. It’s only original once. Paint chips and scratches, minor dings and scrapes, worn stitching in seats and pit marks in the chrome. All of these battle scars give a Survivor car patina and character which not only tell the story of a car's life, but also differentiates it from a restored or modified car. Survivor Cars are automotive treasures which are ‘worn in’ not ‘worn out’.

Can your club help? Survivor Car Australia is looking for the best examples of Survivor Cars to feature in this new magazine, and wonder if you have any club members with Survivor Cars in your club.

Thank-you for your interest and support, we look forward to hearing from your club members soon.

Chris Tikellis

Editor – Survivor Car Australia”

Click Here for Feature Cars Entry Form

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