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 Sunday, 24 June 2018

Winton Winter Sprint

Sunday 24 June 2018

Welcome to our second Winton event for 2018.

Winton Raceway

Sprinting at Winton is always exciting because the circuit has a combination of long fast straights and twisty and tight bends. It is also known as Australia's Action Track. For this Event we will be using the long circuit known as the Winton National Circuit.

Club Paddock Traffic Flow

Please be aware that Winton Raceway has made a permanent change to the traffic flow structure within the paddock garage and carport areas. For details please follow the attached link:

Competition Entrants

Evidence of prior track experience or satisfactory completion of a high-performance driver-training course is a Club requirement for the timed competition classes. All competitors will require a Dorian transponder to be fitted to their cars for official times to be recorded. Please make sure they are properly fitted and charged. Dorians can be hired for the day for $45 and must be booked at time of entry. Dorians can also be purchased from Carly via

Entrée Class

Entrants in the Entrée class get separate sessions of untimed track experience. Mentors will be provided from experienced club members. Prior advanced driver training is preferred, fire extinguishers or Dorians are not required. You will need a AASA Club Racing licence, or an AASA recognised equivalent standard licence (e.g. CAMS Level 2S Licence), an approved helmet, suitable clothing (see Supplementary Regulations) and a roadworthy vehicle. Your vehicle will have a tow hook in the tool kit, it should be fitted – either front or rear. Entrée class is the perfect introduction to track days for new members. Please note Entrée Class numbers are strictly limited. 

Click Here for further Entree class information.


The Winton canteen will provide catering. Using the Winton canteen is a condition of track hire. 

Passenger Laps

Subject always to the program on the day, and the decision of the Clerk of Course, passenger laps at 80% of competition pace will be run during Lunch Break subject to passengers signing disclaimers and confirming no limiting medical conditions. Volunteer marshals will have preference for these laps with others only being allowed after all the marshals have had an opportunity.

Garage Hire

The Club will not be arranging garages at Winton. If you require a garage we have been advised to book them directly through the circuit personnel. Call Sharon on (03) 5760 7100.  Winton will take your booking, advise garage number, cost and payment arrangements.


Winton Raceway charges $30 for use of carports. We have no influence over this charge which is levied directly by the venue.

PCV Marshalling Team

If you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try you can register as a “Track Marshal” through the kiosk link above and you will be contacted.

Alternatively, you can contact Gordon Johnstone via email if you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try.


General Enquiries to Mark Horton Andrews, Competition Director by email or phone – 0447 529 301

Gates open 7.00am.

Entry Fees - Sprint $250 or $230 with own number.

Click Here for Supplementary Regulations

Click Here for Online Entries. Contact Carly if assistance is required on 9817 6911 or