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Sunday, 25 November 2018


Sunday 25th November 2018

About the event

President's Day is a great opportunity to showcase the Club and the marque, and provide the ultimate passenger experience to our sponsors, friends and family. It is not a timed Competition Day, and it is very important that entrants understand and enter the spirit of the day. There will be no cars on track without a passenger on the day.

Share the passion

President's Day will be at Sandown again this year, where the proximity to the city will hopefully encourage many passengers to come and enjoy the excitement of riding in competition cars.

A meeting point will be setup to link up passengers seeking a run with available drivers.

Food and coffee will be available from vendors during the day.

At the end of the day, to mark the end of the Competition year, please accept an invitation to join our President and the Committee for a glass of wine and canapés in pit lane.

Entrants: Please read the Supplementary Regulations carefully and make sure you understand the changes from a normal sprint day. The paramount objective is to share our passion for these vehicles in a safe environment. Porsche cars are preferred, as are cars that have competed in at least 4 events with Porsche Club Victoria during the year. Only cars that have two seats, both with seat belts and can carry passengers will be accepted. All entrants require a minimum of a current CAMS L2S licence or equivalent and will need to satisfy the criteria set out below.

Please Note: Safety is our primary concern on President’s Day when we have passengers travelling with a mix of drivers and cars with varying capabilities occupying the track at the one time.

Important - Experience Requirements: Entrants must have competed in at least 5 events at Sandown, and in at least 10 events with Porsche Club Victoria. The aim is to have entrants who have knowledge and experience of Sandown to help us deliver a safe event.

[Note: if you don't exactly meet these requirements but feel you can demonstrate appropriate skill and experience, contact the Competition Director at]

Every entrant must show the scrutineers two (2) approved crash helmets for use on the day. No helmets are available for hire from the Club.

Drivers please note the 75 dB(A) noise limit. Make sure your CAMS licence is current and that you are a financial member of the Club. The gate to the pits will open at 7:00am.

Important – passenger requirements:

Passengers must be at least 12 years of age

Run of Day: As in past years, the morning runs will be in allocated groups. After lunch if there are insufficient cars in groups for efficient operation, subject to the decision of the Clerk of Course, the format may switch to open pit arrangement to maximise the ability of the club to get passengers onto the track. In open pit sessions, cars will be released from pit lane onto the track in the order that they arrive at the marshalling point. Releasing onto the track will be done to maintain safe track density and vehicle separation. Details will be confirmed on the day.

Runs will finish at 4.30pm.

Entry Fee: $260 (Or $240 with own car numbers).

Garages: Garages can be booked for $75 when making your entry.

Click Here to read the Supplementary Regulations - they include items specific to President's Day.

Please note that any passengers under 18 require the signed consent of a Parent / Guardian (passengers must be at least 12 years of age).

For ENTRY click here

PCV Marshalling Team - Please contact Gordon Johnstone via email if you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try.


The President’s Day Cycle Challenge (Le Sandown Sprint)

The Cycle Challenge will be run again at the conclusion of petrol-powered activities. Family, friends, visitors are all encouraged to enter.

At approximately 4:30pm the Sandown circuit will be opened for One (1) cycling lap. There will be a competition for first over the finish line, but the event is also open to those that wish to just leisurely experience the flow of the track. There will be significant handicapping advantages available to more senior and more female members who decide to take part.

Entry click here (same as car entry link).

Alternatively email Carly on

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