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75 Years of Porsche
Officially approved Porsche Club 52
 Sunday, 17 June 2012

note: NOT the Queen’s Birthday weekend, this year only

The Winton - DECA Weekend

A number of changes have been made to our normal arrangements to try to make for an even better event. Firstly, Winton commencement has been put back an hour to make for a more civilised departure time from Melbourne. The normal finishing time has been retained, but given that we have been finishing early the last couple of times at the track the time on track should be similar.

Secondly, we have booked an evening venue for dinner, at Bohjass Restaurant: The meal is included but drinks are to own account. Members will remember the venue as a frequent locale of the last couple of years – thanks for organising this Aaron “party” Ireland.

We will retain the same running arrangement at DECA that we used last year, including the head to head on the skid pan and the three courses instead of the usual 2 – therefore more driving time and less waiting time. On the afternoon skid pan, for those who came last year, the Head to Head end garages that were “stop and reverse” last year will be “stop and go.

Click Here for the run of day maps and skid pan layouts.

The very popular lunch time catering by Paul who has managed the last couple of years’ lunches will also be provided.

If you haven’t come to DECA for a couple of years, think about giving it a go!

Entrée Class

Entrants in the entrée class get separate sessions of un-timed practice. You will have a coach allocated, for whom you can buy drinks at the Saturday dinner. No advanced driver training, fire extinguishers or Dorian’s are required. All you need is a CAMS Level 2S License, an approved helmet, suitable clothing (see sup regs) and a roadworthy vehicle. This is the perfect introduction to track days for new members. Please note Entrée Class numbers are strictly limited.

Enquiries to Andrew Bonwick, Competition Director by email or phone - 0417 549 168.

PCV Marshalling Team - Please contact Robin Humphries via email if you would like to give marshalling a try.

Click Here for DECA Supplementary Regulations and manual Entry Form

Click Here for Online Entry

Click Here for Attendee List


Click Here for DECA 17/6/12 updated provisional class results (at 4/7/12)

Click Here for DECA 17/6/12 detailed run times (at 4/7/12)