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 Sunday, 22 May 2022


SUNDAY 22nd May

Welcome to Broadford for the first time since October 2019.

Broadford is a smaller and technical circuit with significant elevation up to the back straight leading back down through a testing series of turns. It is an enjoyable and testing venue. This event will be run in sprint format.

Note: there are constraints on track density at this venue meaning numbers are restricted and groups are smaller.

Competition Class

Evidence of prior experience or satisfactory completion of a high performance driver-training course is a Club requirement for the timed competition classes.

All competitors will require a Dorian transponder to be fitted to their cars for official times to be recorded. Please make sure they are properly fitted and charged. Dorians can be hired for the day for $45, but must be booked at time of entry. Dorians can also be purchased from Carly via

Entrée Class

Please note Entrée Class numbers are strictly limited (8).  Entrée class is the perfect introduction to track days for new members. Entrants in the entrée class get separate sessions of untimed practice. Mentors will be provided from experienced club members. Prior advanced driver training is preferred, fire extinguishers or dorians are not required. You will need a CAMS Level 2S Licence, an approved helmet, suitable clothing (see Supplementary Regulations) and a roadworthy vehicle. Your vehicle will have a tow hook in the tool kit, it must be fitted either front or rear.  Click Here for further Entree class information.

Noise Limits

Maximum Noise not to exceed 95db(A) as measured by 30-Metre drive by test on equipment provided by circuit.


An announcement regarding the balloting of garages and carports will be made once the final number of entrants is established. Tick the box on the entry form to go in the ballot. 


The Broadford canteen will be open all day serving hot and cold food.

Passenger Laps

The only passenger laps planned on the day are for volunteer marshals (if possible). It is not intended to hold any passenger laps for other passengers.


State Motorcycle Sports Complex, 260 Strath Creek Rd, Broadford VIC 3658

(located along Hume Freeway, approximately 88 kilometres from Melbourne near Broadford).

Supplementary Regulations

Click Here for Supplementary Regulations


Entries will close on Fri 13th May (unless field limits are reached prior) and thereafter no further entries will be taken.

Entry fee is $230 for Sprint / Entree, or $210 for competitors with allocated car number.

Click Here for online entry

Contact Carly if assistance is needed or 9817 6911.

General Enquiries to Andrew Smith, Competition Director by email or phone 0407 544 751.

Marshals – new and experienced

Broadford presents a great environment to give marshalling a go.  If you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try, you can register as a Competition Official through the kiosk link above and you will be contacted. Queries to Murray Seymour via email .


Changes to normal practice

To run an event considering Covid-19 restrictions we need to make changes to our normal practices. These include:

- Government requirements - Federal, State and Local Public Health Authority guidelines will be followed in the running of this event.

- All attendees (including Competitors, Officials, and support crew) are required to preregister for the event.

- Entry and Exit to the event will be via the main security point. A list of authorised competitors, support crew and officials will be provided to the venue security staff. Only authorised attendees will be allowed access to the venue. Gates will only be open at specified times.

- All competitors, officials and volunteers must demonstrate social distancing requirements and remain 1.5m apart. Under no circumstances are competitors to enter the control tower or another competitors garage.

- Documentation and licence checking will be conducted remotely prior to the event.

- Scrutiny arrangements will comply with Motorsport Australia Return to Race protocols.

- All competitors, officials and volunteers must demonstrate social distancing requirements and remain 1.5m apart. When using public amenities, they must comply with the maximum crowd allowance as displayed.

- Nominated and registered support crew (maximum one (1) per entrant) must stay within allotted spaces. This limit does not apply to Service provider staff, however all staff attending must preregister.

- Race Control/Tower access will not be available except to nominated Officials.