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Friday, 29 March 2013 - Sunday, 31 March 2013

Mt Panorama Circuit - Bathurst

The Bathurst Motor Festival is on again in 2013 and Porsche Club NSW have been invited to run a Porsche category. The event will be held over 3 days during the Easter weekend in 2013, the dates being Friday March 29th through to Sunday March 31st.

PCNSW have invited the interstate Clubs to participate on a first come first served basis. Places are limited - however PCNSW have reserved a minimum of 3 places per state. Other states have received the email simultaneously, so time is of the essence.

Those who are interested are encouraged to go to the information page here ASAP. Once it is closed, in the next day or so, the opportunity will have passed.

The Category

The Category will be run as an exclusively Porsche Marque Regularity event just like in 2012, and will be run under a CAMS licence and in accordance with the CAMS Regulations for Modern Regularity.

PCNSW will also be imposing some of their own additional regulations for the safe running of the category. For example, they will require that competitors have reasonable experience on a race track in order to compete – a minimum of 3 CAMS Sanctioned Supersprint days in the past 2 years.

Under specific CAMS regulations for the Mt Panorama Circuit, there is currently a minimum lap time (fastest accepted) of no faster than 2:40. This time limit is outside PCNSW control and is enforced by the organisers, so take it into consideration when making your decision to enter. From experience, a well driven road going GT3 on slicks is likely to go under this time, and a GT3 Cup car is almost certain to go under the time. The CAMS guidelines also stipulate that the slowest car should be no more than 130% of the fastest nominated time - which means 3:28 is the slowest any car can run. It's pretty clear that in the interests of safety, PCNSW do not want gross variations in the potential speeds and lap times. Use the 2012 event times published on as a guideline to you car type.

The category will be open to members of all Porsche Clubs in Australia - PCNSW will however be monitoring entries to ensure that they are fairly distributed across the clubs. PCNSW are intending to have each state nominate 3 team members to compete for an interclub trophy at the event.

There is a track limit of 45 cars for the grid. Once the Category is fully subscribed, PCNSW will be maintaining a Reserves list on a first come basis.

Participants from the 2012 event have already received an advance opportunity to register - however they have now opened up the remaining slots to anyone in an Australian Porsche Club.

Following representations from previous participants, we have negotiated to have the length of the runs extended and you will get 5 x 20 minute runs over the weekend, consisting of 1 x practice (Friday), 4 Regularity runs (2 x Saturday & 2 x Sunday).

Bookings – Holding Deposit

Bookings to reserve your place are on a first come basis.

The total cost will be approx $1050 per entry with a deposit of $550 required to hold your spot.

This booking is for the holding deposit payment. You will be contacted via the email address you provide at a later date for the balance of the entry fee – most likely in late January/early February when we will have a better idea of final entry fee.

As some background, PCNSW does not seek to make any profit from this event. We simply take the organisers charges, add a small overhead for an admin tent and ancillary costs and divide this by the size of the field. Individual members can book garages should they require, but these are also handled as pass through costs. We are required by the BMF organisers to commit to the final numbers and pay all entry fees to the organisers well in advance of the event. We are seeking to have some Sponsorship to cover the costs of a Shirt and standardised signage/numbering for the cars (to give a more consistent and professional appearance), so if anyone is able to assist in this matter it would be a great help.

Therefore, there are some simple rules regarding bookings:

•Bookings are not transferable - they must be made by the person who intends to participate at the event. If you are unable to attend, let us know and your place will be offered to the next person on the reserve list. This is the fairest way of handing a reserves list.

•We will do our best to refund money should you not be able to attend. We do understand that circumstances change – so if you book and then discover you cannot attend, contact us ASAP.

•Once final payments have been made (Jan/Feb) we will only refund the entry fees if an replacement is found. This is because we will have already paid the organisers.

•Since this is a Porsche Marque event, only enter cars of Porsche make and model.

•Initial bookings are only being accepted from 2012 Participants for the first few days – so don’t send this email to all your club mates. Note that it says Participants – if they booked last year and withdrew, then they will have to wait for the general offer.

•Only one driver per car - it's a regularity, so all 45 cars go out on the circuit at the same time.

The booking portal be accessed via the link in this email. The link will also be published on the PCNSW Web site.

To reserve your place and pay a holding deposit, follow this link:

Porsche Regularity Event - Holding Deposit Payment

For those who are not members of PCNSW:

•Some of the fields asked may seem redundant - this is because the system pre-fills some fields from member records. Since many of you are not members of PCNSW, we need you to enter the details in full.

•Enter your car details in "Car 1" field (you don't need to say Porsche - we already know that bit)

•Leave Car details for 2 thru 4 empty

•Nominate Car 1 as the one being used for this event.

For all Drivers, we assume that you are the owner of the car (the entrant) unless you tell us otherwise. Note that the Entrant will be the name as shown on the car registration papers or (if your car has one) in the CAMS log book.

Please don't hesitate to contact PCNSW if you need anything clarified at

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