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 Sunday, 15 October 2023

Sandown Sprint

Sunday 15th October 2023

Welcome to Sandown Raceway for our Spring sprint event.  We are aiming to run a fun and successful event in this, our last championship points event for 2023.

Competition Experience:
We prefer participants to have experience at Sandown and in Porsche Club events. Please contact Andrew Smith (details below) to discuss your level of experience if you are unsure.
Evidence of prior track experience or satisfactory completion of a high-performance driver training course is a Club requirement for the timed competition classes.
All competitors (except Entrée) will require a Dorian transponder to be fitted to their cars for times to be recorded. Please make sure they are properly fitted and charged. Dorians can be hired for the day but must be booked at time of entry. New Dorian units can be purchased via They cost $410.


The use of RACEceiver is recommended. RACEceiver is a radio device that allows Race Control to advise drivers of track conditions, danger and instructions.  The Competition Committee has approved use for 2023 with its use being compulsory for the upcoming President's Day event in November.  From the start of the 2024 season, RACEceiver will be a compulsory requirement. You can order now via the Club website here for collection at Sandown. (Not required for drivers in Entree Class.)

Noise Limit:
The Maximum Noise must not exceed 75db(A) as measured by a 30-metre drive by test on equipment provided by the circuit. This is a requirement of the venue.

Entrée Class:
Entree Class will be run at Sandown. Entree is the ideal racetrack introduction for new members and those who have not competed before. Entrants in the Entrée class get separate sessions of untimed practice. Mentors will be provided from experienced club members. No advanced driver training, fire extinguishers or Dorians are required. All you need is a Motorsport Australia (CAMS) Speed Licence, an approved helmet, suitable clothing (see Supp Regs) and a roadworthy vehicle. Please note Entrée Class numbers are strictly limited.
Click Here for further Entree class information.

Garages can be booked at $88 ($80 plus GST) each on entry, but numbers are limited.

PCV Marshalling Team:
If you are available to assist with this event or are new and would like to give marshalling a try you can register as a Track Marshal through the entry link and you will be contacted. Marshal queries to Murray Seymour via the club email .

General Enquiries to Andrew Smith, Competition Director by club email or phone 0407 544 751.

Gates open 7.00am.

Entry Fees - Sprint/Entree $295 or $275 with own Club Competition number.  

Entries close on Friday 6th October (or earlier if maximum entry numbers are reached). No refunds for cancelations after this date. 

Click Here for Supplementary Regulations.

Click Here to Enter

Contact Carly if assistance is required on 9817 6911 or


•    Entry and Exit to the event will be via the main security point. .

•    Documentation checking will be conducted remotely prior to the event.

•    Scrutiny arrangements will comply with Motorsport Australia Return to Race protocols.

•    Race Control/Tower access will not be available except to nominated Officials.