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Hello and welcome to PCI southern region.

Porsche Club is amongst the biggest Car Clubs in Ireland and we welcome new members.

The Southern region includes Cork and Kerry.

We have regular meets and Sunday drives which are posted on the PCI official website and forum, we are also planning some technical days and car maintenance events throughout the year.

Members from other regions join us on our events and we likewise travel to their events, including track days, national Karting leagues and the superb annual summer BBQ which is the club’s premier family event

PCI is all about the enthusiasm and passion of owing an Iconic sport car and appreciating that the best car Porsche ever made is the one in your driveway!

If you are an owner of any Porsche car, or just thinking of buying one, please feel free to join us on any one of our regular events. The Club also provides you with the opportunity to discuss the needs of your car with owners on the same models / years and generally learn more about these wonderful cars.

If you own a Porsche and would like to become involved in our club or need some assistance there is always someone nearby who can help.

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