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Basalt Black (metallic) with Grey Leather interior, black cabriolet hood

3.6L n/a flat-six, with Tiptronic transmission

Currently showing 160,586kms
NCT til June ‘23
Currently on SORD


  • 3.6l Flat Six
  • Tiptronic Transmission
  • PSE - Porsche Sports Exhaust (Switchable from Sport to Quiet )
  • Cabriolet with full electric folding hood
  • Factory Hardtop with stand & cover
  • Factory 18” GT3 style rims available (need refurb)
  • Currently driving on factory 17” Turbo Twist wheels
  • Grey Leather interior with heated seats
  • Original OEM CD/Radio head unit with CD changer in front ‘boot’ and DVD navigation discs present.
  • Rear Reversing sensors

We’ve owned this particular car since 2014 and travelled the 4 corners of the country in it, in all seasons utilising all the seats - the ability to bring the small ones with you makes this a very practical & usable supercar.   The cabriolet driving experience really does encourage you to drop the hood as much as possible and with the heater on, heated seats on, you’d be surprised just how often you can do that.  The car has always been stored by us in a heated garage, so it’s not been left out in weather.  Car is maintained on a maintenance charger with flying lead connection when not in use.

In 2018 the car had it's engine fully rebuilt by Hartech in the UK and the opportunity was taken at the time to upgrade the IMS shaft and bearing to the later reliable 997 spec. Car has been run and been serviced with the Hartech-specified Millers CFS Nanodrive 10w50 NT+ since.

Mileage history based on NCT as follows

  • 2014 - 119,450 kms
  • 2015 - 127,968 kms
  • 2016 - 134,595 kms
  • 2017 - 141,176 kms
  • 2018 - 143,591 kms
  • 2019 - 148,411 kms
  • 2020 - 152,121 kms
  • 2021 - 157,734 kms
  • 2022 - 160,621 kms

Service history

Previous to our ownership this car was known & serviced by well-known specialist Brian Kane in Dublin, and in our ownership has a mix of Specialist Brian Kane of Harmonstown Motors as well as Classic Carreras Limerick and local for smaller items.

Items replaced/serviced as required in our ownership, on top of regular maintenance

  • 2 New front AirCon Condensers, A/C re-gassed
  • All discs, pads and flexible lines replaced (with braided stainless)
  • Full Engine Rebuild by Hartech in 2018 at 145,382 kms, at a cost of €18,000 including upgrade to 997 Spec IMS bearing & shaft
  • Tiptronic Service by Classic Carreras
  • Front Electric Window Switches replaced
  • Tiptronic Selector Switch replaced


There are a few of things that would benefit the car which if it not sold, I would do, to wit, none of which detract from it’s usability :

  • The factory Audio head unit is poor. Radio quality in particular.
  • The indicators don’t self-cancel at the moment, but they work perfectly
  • The PSE exhaust is currently running on ‘Sport’ setting only - tbh, we never drove it in quiet mode, so it’s how we like it anyway. 
  • The car has worked as both a weekend car and a daily driver over the years so it’s not a show queen and has a few stone chips etc. We’ve had it professionally detailed a couple of times in our ownership, so it would look spectacular with a fresh one.

Reason for sale ?  Simple - this was our 4th Porsche and it’s just time to move on and we want to try another model from the same stable.

Price : €35,500 

Contact :  John  086 404 8668