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Friday, 28 October 2022

After hosting five track days, visiting three different tracks in Ireland & the UK and catering for 123 members we are pleased (and sad) to announce that our last track day of the year is scheduled for Friday, October 28th 2022, at our local venue: Mondello Park.
If you feel that you missed out of some or all of the action, thrills, camaraderie and more importantly developing your driving skills with the help of our PCI coaches, be afraid no more: now is the time for you to join in and register! Every single event before this one was an absolute success and we want to finish the season with our best one ever… quite a challenge if you ask me! Last outing at Kirkistown was nothing short of epic with a wet track in the morning followed by sunny skies and calm weather in the afternoon, it cannot get better than that; have a look HERE and HERE

This will be a Members-Only, Porsches-Only Event.

All Porsches are welcome: bring your Cayennes, Panameras, Boxsters, Caymans, 911s, Taycans, Macans and Classic Porsches. PCI Track Day fun has never been limited to GT cars. In-car coaching, passengers and guests are permitted.

It's not just the cars, it's the people.

Please find the fee schedule for this full day event as follows:
Porsche + Driver Club Member: €300
Co-Driver: €75
Passengers: no charge
Guests: no charge
Payments are non-refundable

A few important notes:
Passengers must be at least 18 years old.
Drivers and Co-Drivers must produce a valid EU or UK Full Driving Licence on the day. Mondello Park will not allow you on track without one.
Everyone must wear a helmet while on track. Please bring your own as there is no assurance any will be available at the track.Schedule

Exact times and procedures will be shared at a later stage.
08:00 - Registration
09:00 - Safety Briefing
09:30 - Lead / Follow Laps
09:45 - Track Opens
13:00 - Track Closes for Lunch and Track Walk
14:00 - Track Opens
17:00 - Track Closes

The Briefing for Drivers and Co-Drivers will be held in person at the track on the day. An additional briefing for all drivers will also be held on Zoom in advance of the event.

Invitations to the Zoom briefing will be emailed to registered Drivers and Co-Drivers in due course.

 Drivers and Co-Drivers must attend the Drivers Briefing at the track at 09:00 sharp.

Insurance Cover
Your current motor cover may not apply while your Porsche is on track at our Track Day. If use on-track is excluded from your policy and you would like to get a track day cover, consider the two options below.

Barrett Private Insurances, the Club's long-time Sponsor, has informed us of a new offer. If your Porsche is insured with Chubb through Barrett Private Insurances, you may purchase an endorsement to your Chubb Motor Policies covering your use of a Porsche vehicle at a Porsche Club Ireland track day. The endorsement has an annual cost of €157.50, pro-rated from inception to the date of policy renewal). To obtain this cover, contact Barrett Private Insurances, 1st Floor, Drury Court, 56 - 58 Drury Street, Dublin 2, telephone +353 1 2845518 / 2845070. The terms of the cover are summarised below:
Vehicle Covered
Porsche vehicles listed on your Chubb Policy Schedule and/or your Chubb Certificate of Motor Insurance.

Provided you are a member of Porsche Club Ireland, physical damage occurring at a non-competitive track event sponsored by Porsche Club Ireland in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland provided participation at the event is limited to Porsche vehicles.

Sum Insured
Sum insured for your Porsche Vehicle(s) shown in your Policy Schedule up to €150,000 for each occurrence.

10% of the total cost to replace the insured vehicle (if a total loss) or 10% of the cost to repair the insured vehicle, subject in either case to a minimum of the greater of €5,000 or the amount shown in your Policy Schedule.

Ryan Motorsport Insurance has informed us that they will offer accidental damage cover for your Porsche during our track day.

The following information is provided by Ryan Motorsport Insurance: "You may apply for cover HERE on or before October 24th. Under “championship” select “track day”. Provide all the required information to be emailed a quotation. Payment is by card online and policy documentation may be printed immediately. Premiums vary with the value of the vehicle and the amount of cover required."

Bookings are made online only; there is no option to pay on the day.

Bookings are taken only until 19:00 on Friday, October 21st.

Please do not come to Mondello Park if you haven’t booked as you will regrettably be refused admission.

Payment and Registration

Select an easy card payment option below.

After you pay, the web site will open the PCI Registration Form. Please complete that form immediately--that is how we know to admit you to the track.

Pay below and register with PCI. Only members may pay--for themselves and their co-drivers.

€300 for member DRIVER only: PAY HERE

€375 for member DRIVER and one CO-DRIVER: PAY HERE

€75 for CO-DRIVER only (DRIVER must have already paid and registered): PAY HERE (You may add a co-driver until registration closes.)

Guide to the Modello Inernational Circuit
PCI Track Day Basic Guide 
Video Mondelllo International Circuit Line 

The track is the safest environment to enjoy your Porsche, irrespective of which Porsche you have. In the controlled environment of the track, its team of marshals and our PCI coaches you can get a first-hand experience of the performance your Porsche has on tap and improve your driving skills in the process. The event is intended to  provide you with a safe space for you to get a good amount of seat time to develop your driving technique.

Looking forward to seeing you at the track!

Augusto Amaya
Motorsport Officer
+353 87 787 1523