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Thanks to all that attended Rally Connection on Sunday 8/3/20.
We met up beforehand in Lemybrien near Dungarvan and drove in convoy to the track. 
Our destination, Rally Connection, who have been in business since 2003 with  Motor Sport Ireland certified coaches. One of which was Shane Kenneally who won the National Championship last year in class 16 so we were in safe hands. 
On arrival we met Tom Kenneally, who signed us in and gave us our briefing. The sun was shining and the excitement rising as we put on the battle gear. Next it was time to find out what order we were running in and which cars we were going to be in. The cars were in great condition, they had a Mark 2 Escort and 2 Subaru Imprezas. 
We were taken out on the first lap driven by our instructor to (show off) show us how to do it. 
Then it was our turn to take the wheel. 
After a few laps we were starting to get a feel for the cars and the track as our instructor shouts through the intercom go go, flat out, foot to the floor, turn in, hand brake & much more that we can’t print 😁.
After completing 10 laps each we were brought into the centre for a briefing on the next 10 laps, this time we were driving the opposite direction around the track!
The last run of the day was the pressure run, the timed part to find out who had been listening to their instructor the most. 
Just before we started our timed laps we had a downpour for a couple of minutes (with a heavy hail stone shower thrown in for good measure), this made things very exciting, everyone coped well in the wet with no one going off the track. 
The fastest lap was- in first place Colm,
In 2nd place Andy,
& in 3rd place Noah. 

On behalf of every one I would like to thank Tom and his team for a very professional out fit and a very exciting day out.