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December 2006—Porsche Club Charity Ride

The Club rounded off 2006 with a meaningful and family sharing event on Sunday, 10th December at the Tai Po Waterfront Park where the Club organised a Charity Ride party for about 100 less privileged students of Kei Shun Special School. Interesting games, photo sessions with Darryl O’Young, savouring food and the traditional and delightful Porsche ride driven by the Club’s members for students were all part of the function. Many Club members were very supportive of the event and attended with their families and children. They were all enjoying themselves as much as Kei Shun’s students who were smiling joyfully throughout. To top it all, members sponsored over HK$160,000 which was donated to Kei Shun to fund their school premises expansion programme.

Please click ‘Here’ to see pictures of the Porsche Club Charity Ride 2006.