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Camp 4 2007

In early January, several members went to Rovaniemi in Finland to participate in Porsche Travel Club’s Camp 4. The Artic Circle is the ideal location for winter driver training, and all the training took place at the Arctic Driving Centre, a test facility used by leading car manufacturers for secret winter testing.

Under the expert guidance of the instructors, they spent three full days behind the wheels of Carrera 4, Carrera 4S and Cayenne S honing their car control skills on all types of icy and snowy conditions, such as black-ice slalom, downhill drift and double 8 drift. The fun part was that they did not have to worry about spinning or losing control. They were meant to spin and lose control and the snow banks would protect the car so the only thing that was dented was the driver’s ego!! Practice makes perfect; so many of them were drifting like rally racers by the end of the trip (or so they believed!!).

Besides training, in the evenings, these members also had the opportunity to explore the endless expanse of Lapland’s countryside on snowmobiles, quad bikes, go-karts and snow-cross machines. Afterwards, they got to sample delicious Lappish meals at exclusive restaurants before returning to the hotel.

In the end, all the members agreed that they had learned a great deal about car control, but most of all, they all had tremendous fun doing it and there were all talking about Camp 4 next year!!

Please click ‘Here’ to see pictures of the Camp 4.