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How time flies!! It wasn’t that long ago that 18 friends got together and had the bright idea of forming a club for Porsche fans. Porsche Club Hong Kong was then formally established on March 18, 1990. Then, in a flash, on Saturday, September 11 2010, the Club celebrated its 20th Anniversary with over 200 members and friends gathering at the Chancellor Room of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

As the Club often emphasised from time to time, Porsche Club Hong Kong is more than just cars. It is also about friendships and commitment to share with those less fortunate in the community. Hence, it was more than just a celebration event but also a joyous reunion for many members to catch up; many of them had not seen each other for a very long time due to their hectic schedules.

Many past Chairmen and Directors, such as Fritz Wong (Founder Chairman), Edward Lai, Dick Lau and Alex Yan, whose hard work and guidance had made the Club flourished through the years, were also present at this momentous occasion. Furthermore, heartfelt appreciation went to the Club’s overseas friends who made the special trips to Hong Kong to celebrate the special evening with the Club and its members. They were friends from Porsche Clubs Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. It was unfortunate that friends from Porsche Club Thailand and the Philippines could not attend due to certain last minute unexpected events. A token of appreciation was presented to each of these dear friends acknowledging their friendships and continuous support of the Club throughout the years.

Earnest appreciation also went to the Hong Kong Blind Sports Association. Not only did their members participate to celebrate the Club’s anniversary, they were also extremely thoughtful of forming a band and offered to members a resounding live performance throughout the evening.

In addition to catching up with old friends, watching the video showcasing the Club’s many dynamic activities over the past 20 years also brought back laughter and fond memories. Followed by a sumptuous banquet dinner, the highlight of the evening was the lucky draw; over 100 prizes ranging from beauty products to car parts to luxury watches were made available. To make this celebration all the more meaningful, money raised from raffles sales was donated directly to UNICEF.

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