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We had our now annual southeast regional Waterford Dinner at Jack Meade’s Pub in Waterford, combined with Trophy presentation of the PCI-Karting Championship season 2009.

Amongst seeing our locals, Mick and Yvonne, Brian, Jimi, Colm and Jenny including Joe, top representatives from the Club came i.e., PCI President Dave Whelan, Ex-President and Ex-Vice-President Ted, his Wife Karen and seasoned competitors Connie, Anthony from the Karting championship season as well as John and his companion all the way from Dublin.

After some pre Dinner drinks and chit chat we all consumed our Dinners awaiting the trophy presentations while watching pictures of the PCI-Karting season.

I am not a good speaker on any stage, so it was no different this time as I was trying to manage a reasonable presentation failing too but managed somehow. All present winners and runners up in the Championship where presented with small Trophy’s holding a Kart inserted in a Medal like design mounted on a base. Needless to say there was plenty of banter along with the presentations to each individual per usual as we wouldn’t like to have it any other way. There were some winners/runners up who couldn’t make it to the Dinner but there Trophy’s will and some have been presented at other Club meetings.

The final Trophy presentations were made to the top 5 finishers in the Championship with the help of PCI-President Dave Whelan to:

5th Ted,

4th Joe,

3rd George,

2nd Connie,

1st and Championship winner Anthony.

Anthony was also presented with the “Porsche Club Ireland Perpetual Trophy “as overall winner, which he is to defend this coming season.

With the formalities finished we had plenty of chatter and it was great to see old friends. Reacquainting with them lamenting what the world has come to and how we would definably be able to save it, or just simply having a great laugh.

Sometime later as I am not to tell, we retired to the local Hotel or as some drove home after a pleasant night out and with gratitude I would like thank everyone who made this a night to remember.

During the period of the event and the time of writing this report, we had some bad news as our friend Brian, Porsche enthusiast from Waterford had an accident after the Ireland-v-Wales rugby match in Dublin. It resulted with him being admitted and spending about 6 weeks in a Dublin hospital.

Current information is that he is back home and on the mend so we would like to wish him a speedy and full recovery from his injury, hopefully to see him again soon.

The Southeast region intends as all the Regions in Ireland to intensify the PCI-2010 season with local Drives, Club-meetings in local Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels of the Southeast region or Bowling evenings, Breakfast meetings, rolling road etc., for our Members and Friends to enjoy and reward us with their participation.

Watch out on the PCI-Website the PCI-Forum or check your mail for announcements and information as we hope to see you then ………..

The PCI-Southeast Region contains the County’s:

Carlow/Kilkenny, Co. Laois, Co. Wexford, Co. Wicklow and Waterford

Many thanks


Regional Officer for the PCI-Southeast Region

Contacts: Mob. 085 7818824 or mail