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The Trophies were in the boot of the car and all I had to do to wake up Martina to get ready to go over to Waterford to meet the lads in Woodlands Hotel. Nightshift was Martina’s handicap for the day so I gave her a chance to be halfway awake going for the night out.

Arriving at the Hotel Connie and Emer had already made landfall as had Willy, while Dave arrived shortly after to join us for a quick drink before heading out to Jack Meade’s Pub. Dave and ourselves were designated Taxi-drivers to allow anyone to have a drink on the night as the 6 of us made the way over to the pub. We had the room upstairs in the pub booked for the PCI and it is a cosy room when it’s cold or miserable outside with a roaring fire put on for us.

We arrived there for the night and as I set up my Laptop for a continues slide show with the Pubs Television all arriving participants were chatting along and acquainted themselves or had big hello’s for meeting each other after last years and the new year’s festivities.

The Dinner was served after all of us decided on a la carte menu’s and discussions and laughter bellowed from the upstairs event-room as I or Martina went ever so often off outside for a smoke and we could clearly hear / see People were having a great time. Willy our Photographer for the night snapped with professional accuracy and produced pictures with his digital Camera rarely to be seen in its quality. You will find those at our Photo gallery on the PCI-Website.

Dave our now esteemed Past-President but our present Motorsport Officer was at hand to present the Trophies of the 2011 PCI-Karting Championship.

Trophies were presented to the following recipients on the night present:

Willy B. for finishing second in the PCI-Indoor Challenge 2011 and finishing 20th with only doing his first race with us last year in the PCI-Karting Championship 2011

Dave W. himself winning the Trophy by partaking in one race in Watergrass Hill finishing 19th in the PCI-Karting Championship 2011

Anthony S., our previous double and inauguration Champion for finishing 12th in a trying and hard year not being able to compete at all of our races.

Myself finishing a lucky 5th in the championship this year as I wasn’t doing all that well probably by just not having the right Kart or race set-up!

Andy L., finishing a respectable 4th in the Championship, definitively one to watch very competitive and improving every year.

Connie again landing himself with 2nd in the Championship 2011 adding to his 3rd in 2010 and 2nd in 2009, one of the fiercest competitors you would meet, but the best of friends you could ever have.

Joe Gr., our new PCI-Karting Champion for 2011 crowned with the PCI-Perpetual Trophy for the first time and his second full season competing for it and hopefully he will have as good a year he had as last year in defending his title this year.

It was Ted Gaffney who then was crowned with the perpetual PCI-Indoor Karting Champions Trophy which is a one off Race at the end of the Year and as competitive as any of our other races throughout the year with the best of craic to be had.

Fantastic Racing in pure and simple fashion cheap to compete and incredible fun to be had by all, making friends along the way with young and younger.

We ended our evening with all having the best of fun throughout the duration and Dave took over the responsibilities to oversee the orderly retreat of the troops into their quarters at the Woodlands Hotel with a night cap for extra measure.

So my Friends I have to say once again many thanks for coming to all our Karting events throughout the season making incredible efforts to partake in a lot of cases and also in bringing your Friends and making it a fantastic year to remember, while I am looking forward to the new season with just as much competition and fun as we had since we started the PCI-Karting Championship.

Many Thanks,