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Hi all,

I was just getting myself ready to head into New Ross when I received a message from our President to wish us a great day out. I assured Dave I will relay the message to the assembled Troops at our meeting point at the Lidl car park.

I was topping up the 944 on my way into New Ross at our local Pump station in Wellington bridge and carried on contemplating what the day would bring and if we had all sorted for the day. There was one question mark which was the Lunch venue as the one I had picked was having a Bridal show for this Sunday and I didn’t think the Lads would be too Bridal oriented. I had really no worries as there is plenty of places around you could go anytime.

On arrival I parked the car outside Lidls car park after I had checked with the Dunbrody Ship in Ross which I had in mind as a surprise to visit as part of our day schedule. I was settled for a while as Jimi arrived in and around 20 to eleven, who by then was the first to arrive. I did have some cancellation due to various circumstances and did not expect many to come as I was thinking of a nice quite Sunday afternoon with a bit of Bowling to top it.

Shane had texted me earlier that he was running late coming down from Dublin and I offered that we would be waiting for him and as it turned out there wasn’t many to wait for bar himself and Aine. While Jimi updated me on his own endeavour with Porsche cars and our local Sports and Vintage Car club, Brian called to say he wasn’t able to make it as he was the night before at the Blue Grass festival in Dunmore East and was suffering badly. So the best I could do was to offer him sympathy and wish him the best in his recovery.

Shane arrived about noon with Aine and at that stage I had abandoned the visit to the Dunbrody ship and as I imagined Shane, Aine and Jimi would be hungry at this stage we decided to head for Lunch.

We weren’t hanging around and after a short welcome we headed out of New Ross heading Duncannon way to turn off for the Hotel I had in mind which our Family had visited on numerous occasions. It had been a while since we had been there and to our surprise it was sold to a new owner who turned it into a retreat centre. As we walked in the door we could smell the incentive burners and any second we were expecting some Dancers to appear around the corner as all looked very much like we didn’t expect.

With that we headed to a more common known Watering well on the road to Wexford in Ballinaboola called the Horse and Hound. I hadn’t been there myself for some time even I would frequently pass by it on my way to Waterford or New Ross. The Venue had been refurb’d and all of us looked forward to some nice ordinary Carvery Lunch. After settling in and ordering our lunch, Jimi mostly entertained us with all the local gossip and what is currently happening in other clubs who is in the know and who isn’t. He had also bought recently another Porsche 911 3.2 which is the car of a previous PCI-Member and explained his plans as to what he will do with her, as he now owns 3 Porsche’s and surely if he buy’s another one he can start his own museum.

Shane, Aine and I would periodically yak along as Shane and Aine were looking forward to their holidays in Spain and myself mainly following the conversations. The meal was great and simple and filled to the brim after a dessert it was time to head into Wexford and work off some of the extra calories we just had accumulated.

The Drive into Wexford along the N25 was short and pleasant as we pulled into the Leisure Max Entertainment-Centre just off the Rosslare roundabout. I hadn’t booked any lanes as I didn’t have any confirmed numbers, but it wasn’t needed this time around as the four of us geared up with bowling shoes and readied at the lane provided for us.

Aine started the ball rolling so to speak and after the first round it looked that Aine was leading the pack. Shane tried harder and harder as I was trying to get a hold of the ball with my fingers being the problem, while Jimi slowly but surely round after round proceeded to warm up and the strike’s were falling like the pins. It was no surprise then even after Aine and Shane started to roll in the strike’s that Jimi won the first game. We carried on in the hope that we would beat Jimi’s score line and after 4 games it was clear that Jimi is the new King Pin in the Southeast. This was an entirely satisfying finish to the day’s proceedings and we couldn’t have had more fun than we did.

I can only recommend the afternoons exercise with oodles of fun and a lot more social then as if we had gone for a two hours drive, which in terms of socialising makes it a much sought addition to our gatherings.

I would like to thank Aine, Shane and Jimi to come along and make it a great day out again.

There is another Southeast Sunday Drive coming up on the 25th of September with a similar set-up as last year. People who do remember it was an orientation drive to the venue where we had lunch, with trophy’s to be won and a little afternoon drive for afternoon coffee/tea and cake. So if you are thinking of going to a big outing before you store away your Porker for the winter have a look at this one, we would love to see you there

Many thanks George