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5th round PCI-Championship 2012 Karting Report

Watergrass Hill, 26th August 2012

It usually is a busy session in Watergrass Hill but it being the time of the year a lot of our PCI-Members and Friends weren’t available due to Holidays and other commitments with Family and taking care of business. However we did go ahead and had a fantastic endurance challenge / race with the regulars present.

Watergrass Hill is one of the best Karting tracks in Ireland and with its downhill sweeping first and second turn at full throttle one of my most favourite sections. It was a rainy day with the race starting in the wet and we all initially cautious in practice gave it all we had during the race. There was spins during the race or in the heat of the battle as it were and I was staying mostly out of trouble and I found myself leading at some point but as the track started to dry out I see Peter reeling me in and there was absolutely nothing I could do. Eventually I had to surrender the lead to Peter as I had not the speed to maintain in the dry.

I had seen some of our other racers getting here and there into trouble during the wet period of the race and all endeavoured with a gutsy display and finished with following result:

Peter 1st with fastest lap 17 points

George 2nd with joker 24 points

Connie 3rd with joker 20 points

Jacub 4th with joker 16 points


It leaves the Leader board with the following changes:

1st Peter S. 75 points joker played

2nd Jacub 46 points joker played

3rd George N. 50 points joker played

4th GarC 40 points joker played

3rd Colm F. 36 points

6th Ciaran Fl. 24 points joker played in round 2

6th Connie 24 points joker played

7th Ben D. 20 points

8th Brian K. 15 points

9th PJ McA. 14 points joker played in round 4

10th Willy B. 10 points

10th Andy 10 points

11th Paul S. 8 points

11th Billy N. 8 points

12th Mervin 6 points

13th Alex 3 points

As it happened the low attendance did give the drivers present the advantage of scoring big and all of us played our jokers apart from Peter and it did change the leader board in their favour. So it would pay off if you are either trying to win or to get higher up in the Leader board to come to the less attended Karting events in the summer to up your positions in the leader board.

However as ever I would like to thank everybody for coming making this again a great race as we had some wet racing included which made it all the more interesting and for a fellow like myself who is getting a bit “long in the tooth” its easier on my arms in the wet and if you can handle it its fantastic fun out there. Just to add it’s very easy once you get the hang of it as you are just drifting through the turns and it’s just so much fun.

Hope to see you at the next race and many thanks again,