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4th round PCI-Karting Championship 2012 Report

The 4th round was held in Pallas Karting on the 24th of June 2012

Pallas Karting is always a great venue and throws up interesting races, with the only thing being that some of the Karts wouldn’t be as fast as the others and more or less we all get disadvantaged as we are switched from heat to heat. So it would be the luck of the draw if you get a good Kart in the final or not and it does not always reflect the real position one would take up if all karts were equal. This is specifically prevalent in Pallas Karting and we hope they will invest into new Karts soon.

Everybody had a fantastic race and as I am constraint with time I must keep my reports on a shorter profile in order to maintain up to date reports on a frequent basis for the rest of reports this year. I hope you will forgive me, but maybe with a bit of finesse I may well get a short report with as much entertainment value and information as before.

As always our regulars entertained with a fantastic display of Karting with the weather holding up, while GarC , Jacub and Ciaran scoring big time. Peter had to content with a real slow kart while I ditched myself in the gravel pit on turn 2, as PJ scored also big on his second outing in the Clubs Karting Championship.

Classifications of this round as follows:

GarC scoring 34 points by playing his joker and recording the fastest Lap

Jacub scoring 12 points coming in second

Ciaran scoring 10 points flying past in third place

Peter scoring 16 points in fourth incl. playing his joker

PJ McA scoring 12 points in fifth incl. playing his joker

George scoring 5 points in 6th

With the Leadership table now standing after round 4:

1st Peter S. 58 Points joker played

2nd GarC 40 points joker played

3rd Colm F. 36 Points

4th Jacub 30 Points

5th George N. 26 Points

6th Ciaran Fl. 24 Points

7th Ben D. 20 points

8th Brian K. 15 points

9th PJ McA. 14 points

10th Willy B. 10 Points

11th Paul S. 8 Points

11th Billy N. 8 Points

12th Mervin 6 Points

13th Connie 4 points

13th Alex 3 Points

With that I would like to thank everyone who made the way to Pallas Karting displayed great competitive driving under difficult circumsatnces and I hope to see you at the next session

Many thanks, George