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Southeast Breakfast 13th of January Report

That morning the minute my better half Martina came home from night shift in nursing, I snatched the Merc of her and headed into New Ross’s Branden house Hotel to our first Breakfast meeting.

I was running a bit late and rang Neil on the way to let him know, but as it turned out Vincent was the first one to arrive and he had the RB with her in outstanding condition even with the rough weather we were having. Andy zoomed in with his young son and as I was getting Vincent parked close to the hotel entrance for his convenience.

Andy trekked into the hotel to see re the breakfast. At this stage it was 10.45 am and we were told no more as we stud there thinking hard where our next port of call would be for a mouth-watering big fat fry. The Dunbrody we picked as they had added a restaurant and were open as Andy had seen them open as he flew past it on the way.

We all hopped back into the car after Neil arrived and headed downtown to the Dunbrody famine ship. On arrival I stepped into the venue and because the restaurant being upstairs to scout re breakfast and lift. Breakfast yes this time and Lift no as it was broken, which meant a no go for us. We tried Sid’s Diner which was closed and another place in town as I was getting increasingly disappointed and contemplated to buy the stuff we need for a fry and go to my place in Duncormick. Theoretically we have mapped all breakfast venues in New Ross for the future as the lads suggested for a spin somewhere and see if we get some grub there. Andy’s idea was taken up and we all headed along increasingly windy roads towards Inistioge a lovely spot if you know it you would agree with me as the “circle of Friends” restaurant the destination of our endeavours.

On arrival I thought to myself at this stage I would settle for a breakfast roll if we can’t get brekkie or we buy stuff and go visit Andy’s house who lives only a couple of miles from Inistioge. As it happened they served still breakfast and with delight we wondered into it settled down and ordered big fat fry’s amass with tee etc. I asked for a second egg with no problems getting it, as humorous banter pursuit and relieved laughter brought the restaurant alive.

All too soon it seemed we were headed back to our relevant home lives and wrote this one down as an experience worthwhile having. So we bid farewell to Neil, Vincent, Andy and his son as I headed home facing into a day’s work ahead with deadline of Monday mornings.

I would like to thank everybody for going through the trouble of coming on a day that wasn’t that great for driving as I met even coming home still some icy patches where the Merc twitched a bit but was as easy to correct.

With this in mind be careful out on our roads especially this time of the year and hope to see you at our next Breakfast meeting scheduled for the 10th of February in Gorey or Camolin 10.30 am.

Venue is to be confirmed as well as the exact time, so keep an eye on the Forum and /or your mailbox

Many Thanks, George