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Gorey Breakfast Meeting Report

It had been a long time since we had a breakfast meeting in the Southeast and this one was organised by Chris (Batavus) and as you all know, Chris has been or better is a local organiser for various charities year after year.

The Amber Springs Hotel was again the venue of choice which Chris booked for about 20 who took up the offer for pre and après breakfast tyre kicking. PJ came all the way from the north with his wife who had an enjoyable drive coming down to Co. Wexford. Noel had his stead on display beautiful as ever and of course the 924 class was presented by 4 owners and from what I can gather there is a hot-bed in Co. WX for 924 owners and I think Chris may well had inspired some of these owners to own a Porsche. JohnnyH was with us displaying his 997 as was Oscar with his two kids displaying his 996 with gorgeous wheels. Neil with son Jack had his 996 Turbo out again beautiful as ever and the one we all drooled over was Shane’s new car a 911 GT3 in red 2004. One of the most impressive car’s and I still can’t get over what Porsche produced with this production model. Of course at his arrival a cloud of admirers congregated around his new pride and joy and may he has many happy miles with her from all of us.

I devoured my breakfast as I was starving and always love a good fat fry, to which I had been looking forward to all the way as I was leaving the house that morning. Everybody else I could see thoroughly enjoyed the same and plenty of banter and chatter travelled across the tables. Since this was only a breakfast meeting it ended coming up to lunchtime as everybody made their way home again to their families and or other Sunday activities.

This was a really good meeting and we touched base with some people I hadn’t seen for quite some time like Terry with his immaculate looking red 924 or Noel with 911 3.2 left hand-drives or Collie with the only Boxster on the day also coming all the way from Dublin. Turbo Daly made it over all the way from Cahir and great to see him. If I have forgotten someone and not mentioned please forgive you all made this a fantastic morning and our thanks goes to Chris for organising a fantastic morning.

We will make a greater effort for the coming Calendar year to enrich our season with meetings like it. With this I am looking forward seeing you soon again,

Many Thanks, George