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Club President Dave Whelan, Vice President Neil Lane, Bill Cashman, Michael Burke, Aidan, Farrell, John Phelan, Damien Stembridge, Barry Whelan, Porsche Club GB Motorsport Director Chris Clerk and myself travelled to this fantastic track day. There were some of the most desirable Porsches ever made there all being driven with verve. 2.7RS, 2.8RSR, 3.0 RSR , 964 Cup, 964 RS, 993 RS, 996 Cup, 996 Turbo, 996Gt3, 997 Turbo, 997GT3, and 997GR3RS and a great selection of 993, 996, 997 & Caymens. The organisation was superb and the standard of driving was even better. Hundreds of laps were driven without incident. It truly lives up to its name as England’s, Nurburgring with very similar corners as the real thing. Get some wrong and you are in real trouble but get it right and it truly rewarding place to drive. See some track action of Dave on You Tube and Aidan too.

A local Local Charity were selling hot laps in local experts cars and I parted with my cash for spins with Tour Britanica 2010 Winner Paul Howels in his 2.8RSR, Mel Spear in his 964 Cup car and Jack Woods in Caymen S. I also did laps with Bill Cashman, Dave Whelan Neil Lane and Aidan Farrell. Big thanks to all for you genorousity. Next to driving at the Nurburingring it has to be the best short track experience around. All petrol heads should do it sometime before the Petrol runs out. We dined at a Country Pub near Chester with our UK driver friends and guess what, the owners husband is the South Africa Porsche 365 Register in Johannesbourg. I am unable to recall his name. His wife and daughter were delightfull hosts.

Dave’s knowledge knows no bounds and he booked us into Paul Howels, Royal Lodge Hotel in Symonds Yat, in Gloustershire the following night. Paul and his wife invited us to see his collection of priceless racing Porches at his home garage. Paul competes in the Historic Championship & Hill Climbs and European Events. His most valuable is a 2.7RS Lightweight of which only 42 were made. It is like the Mona Lisa and insured for Lotto money. Another big thanks to the Paul and his wife. This early season event was a great way to start 2011.


Denis Collins

Southern Organizer.