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The 993 registry had previously organised a number of drives / breakfast meets over 2008 , so a decision was made to end the year in style and organise a breakfast meet for the entire club and see how things would work.

Weston aerodrome was picked as the venue , as there's ample secure parking , a good restaurant , and there's something about Porsches and aircraft that makes sense!

The date was set at December 28th , and the morning proved fine , that perfect excuse to take Germany's finest out to dust off the winter cobwebs. There's was great variety amongst the Porsches that arrived , from a pristine yellow 356 , to a beautiful showroom fresh 2005 Carrera S , and all shades in between!

I was really surprised by the showing. I'd expected max 10 cars and 25 breakfasteers ,instead we ended up with a showing of 25 cars , and the restaurant manager has since told me 65 club members turned up for their breakfast buttie! By the way , he sends his apologies , as he wasn't expecting this number and was understaffed on the morning. Although there was a bit of a wait in some cases , I didn't see any long faces as most were there more for the chat and a wander around the carpark than raising the cholesterol levels!

Thanks to all who made the effort to attend and make it a very special morning .. The post Christmas boredom had just begun to set in !

For those of you who missed this one , we are hoping to orgainise more breakfast meets in the coming months ,the next one will be planned for late Jan/ early Feb ,and as soon as a date firms up I'll let you all know. Hope to see you there!

Barney Lynch