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2nd Round of PCI-Karting Championship 2009

Kiltorcan Raceway March 15th 2009

The 2nd round of the season was the 1st Session outside of Dublin on an open Track with Tarmacadam surface. Kiltorcan Raceway has undergone quite a lot of redevelopment last year and the Track is brilliantly maintained.

It was as promising as the first round. The winner from the first round Anthony was already at the venue as was Brian with his 911S 1970. Jody Griffin the local Matador arrived shortly after as did Connie Shiel all the way from Galway. We assessed the Porsche models present and indulged in the usual ritual of exchanging the hints and tips. Phillip and his Son Luke where already there and joined us in our deliberations. We where still waiting for some more talent when we where called in, to prepare for the Session.


Time was pressing on and I figured since we ended up with just 7 Competitors on the line all I needed to do was to cruise along and collect at least 2 points for the Championship. I still had my wife’s parting words in my mind when I left home that morning, “Kill them Honey and bring home the Bacon”, so at least I had to try.

Anyway I think everybody knew the Track, bar Anthony and Connie so we all got right stuck into it from the Practice laps to Qualifying. I can’t report anything unusual as that part went really smooth and everybody drove very professional with of course no quarters given. Toni the Owner of Kiltorcan Raceway had his thumbs up and smiling as I roared laughing past him. At this point I will also have to say Tony thankfully had invested in a brand new fleet of Karts, still gas powered but with better steering technology and it made the ride much easier then before.

The Final

The Final line up was as follows;

Jody first Phillip second, Luke third myself luckily fourth, Anthony fifth, Brian and Connie shored up the Field. When the Green Flag dropped, the Race was well and truly on and the fight for positions was apparent and futile. The first lap was tight on the corners as everybody still jogged for next place up and I had Anthony hard snapping on my heels. I knew straight away I had to defend or try and run my own race, but I think I should have shed a little more weight that morning and at the fourth lap I had to surrender to Anthony’s pressure and he just sailed past me.

In the meantime the field had spread out and it looked as Jody was walking away with it, while Phillip and his son Luke had a bit of a dog fight. Anthony was past me and I think between the laughing I tried to grit the teeth and let the competitor in me take hold. Brian was behind me and I remember last year on this same track we had a great battle which he won, so not again I thought must hold on to fifth position, while Connie was snapping at Brian’s heels.

Everybody concentrated on improving their positions - racing really hard with the right foot flat to the mat and as usual I wasn’t using my left foot, up until I got close to Anthony again. I seemed to get a chance every second lap to snap at Antony’s heels again and again and through the corners I just couldn’t get the momentum to get past him as he was defending like a Pro.

Jody towards the last laps was well in the lead, while Phillip in second place spun and lost second to his son Luke. I was still snapping at Anthony’s heels and on the second last lap I made one more attempt at the last corner of the lap to try and squeeze myself past him, but all I did was fling myself into the Tyre wall sideway’s. I could see the visors of the lads clouding from laughing so hard, including myself of course and all I could think of was, “ sorry hon no Bacon today it will have to be soup again “. Brian sailed past me after this incident and his final position was fifth while I and Connie made up the last positions.

I joked to Connie “well we are last again just like at the annual Dinner” only that we weren’t Racing that time.

Race positions after the chequered flag fell where:

1st Jody Griffin

2nd Luke Pericho

3rd Phillip Pericho

4th Anthony Saunders

5th Brian Cotter

6th George Neurieder

7th Connie Shiel

I must say it was a really enjoyable Race and want to thank everybody for coming especially Connie who travelled all the way from Galway and Anthony for representing the Dublin Race fraternity.

We went to have some refreshments in a local venue after and exchanged more information regarding parts, Websites etc., which is as I see it a vital part of being a Porsche-Club-member, apart from having social and racing events.

The leader board points after the second round, is as follows:

1rst Antony Saunders 18 Points

2nd Jody Griffin 10 Points

3rd Damien Stembridge 8 Points

3rd George Neurieder 8 Points

4th Neil Lane 6 Points

5th Ted Gaffney 5 Points

5th Connie Shiel 5 Points

6th Karen Gaffney 4 Points

7th David Whelan 3 Points

8th Gerald Monks 1 Point

I would like to mention that we missed some of the racers and we hope to see you all very soon again.

So thanks again to everybody for coming, making it a memorable afternoon and see you all at the next Race in Watergrass Hill Co. Cork on the 5th of April.

In the meantime drive safely