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PCI- Indoor Challenge 2015

Race 1 on the 25th of January 2015

At Kylemore Karting Dublin


Hi all,

What a start to the PCI Karting season 2015

I can’t imagine I could have asked for more than the kick off we had

Every single one of the 10 competitors raced to their full potential after some practice laps with the predictable urge of racing fair with combative instinct to win. It threw up a few surprises but not unexpected and a few race incidents which where all taken as part of the course.

From my point of view everyone had an absolute ball and may some of us need to shape up a lil like loose a few kgs or maybe some youth tonic to get the edge on some of the lads. Haha Toni and Ted if I find one I will share it with you both, though Ted and Toni I think you was a lil unlucky  and I my case deffo some kgs lol.

I have to admit I was well out of training and was already tiring after the first heat and wondered how I was going to get through the rest of the heats. But it would be fair to say that we made them all sweat and work hard to either win a race or to place.

Please find below our new point scoring system for the PCI-Indoor Karting Challenge 2015 Race 1

Points scored during the heats in which everyone was called 4times to the Karts.

Ted 80 points

Ben 65 points

Richard 85 points

Billy 70 points

Michel 65 points

Tony 60 points

Mark 80 points

Stuart 65 points

Colm 70 points

George 60 points


We then were called to the semi Finals of which there were 2 needless to say hotly contested by everyone all the way and bags of fun.

Points scored as follows

Semi Final 1

Richard 25 points

Billy 20 points

Mark 15 points

Ben 10 points

Tony 5 points


Semi Final 2

Colm 25 points

Ted 20 points

Stuart 15 points

George 10 points

Michel 5 points

As there were only 6 places for the Final it meant the last 2 of each of the Semi Finals were eliminated.

The Final was as thrilling being watched from us by now on the side-line as from the lads competing in it. We had a blow by blow account by each other per lap and lap- times just tumbling as everyone set personal best times in the pursuit.

Colm did run away with it clearly almost from the start as Ted, Billy and Richie fought for the 2nd position from the start, while Richie was the favoured for it though, he had to fight tooth and nail to the very last yard of the race. Ted unluckily had an incident that cost him his race as Billy chased to the end but hat to content with 3rd while Mark in combat with Stuart with positions changing between them from lap to lap but just about shaded 4th , Stuart had to settle for 5th after a brave battle and Ted with his race run after the incident on lap 7settled for 6th.

The points for the Final are as follows

Colm 25 points

Richard 20 points

Billy 15 points

Mark 10 points

Stuart 5 points

Ted 4 points


Colm also scored 10 points for as him had the fastest lap of the day with 23.20sec on lap 4 of the Final.

The total point score by everyone throughout the event as follows below

Ted 104 points

Ben 75 points

Richard 130 points

Billy 105 points

Michel 70 points

Tony 65 points

Mark 105 points

Stuart 85 points

Colm 130 points

George 70 points

How close can it get … How could you not be enthralled by this event with that kind of commitment and exciting competition while no one spared anything and left all out on the track and let it be known the guys who didn’t make the Final did just as good as lap times were as close in each heat and made it such an exceptional event.

Leaves me now only to thank everyone who made it a classic PCI-Karting event and am looking forward to our outdoor season starting in some 5 to 6 weeks’ time and I bet it be just as enthralling.

Look out for dates and venues to be confirmed over the next week or so and the 28th of February 2015 provisionally booked for our traditional Waterford Dinner and Trophy presentation of the 2014 outdoor season.

Hope to see you there George