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3rd round PCI-Karting Championship Galway

I had the advantage in staying overnight in my Sister in Law’s House just a couple of miles away and arrived “fresh”, as we visited once again Pallas Karting in Tynagh Co. Galway on Sunday the 22nd of May.

On my arrival at the venue already Joe and Stephen had surveyed the conditions on the track and were ready to race with Stephen declaring to play his Joker in this race. Connie and some of his local friends like John and Oisin joined us in the fun as in previous sessions at Pallas Karting. John M. arrived with his 968 as well as Andy with his boys in full race gear ready to race.

In total we had a steady 15 competitors who once again would tackle the track and race fairly for honours or championship position as we continued our 3rd season in the PCI-Karting Championship.

The weather was weather as JohnE would call it while we were hoping it would hold up and let us have a rain free session even for most of us it wouldn’t matter as it is much more fun in any case.

The Qualifying session was without any incident and we all got around bar some Kart / engine trouble’s and some of us ended up changing Karts as we went along. So the odd time you would see one of our friends being stuck somewhere along the track and running back to the pit to come back out in another Kart. I had the same fate at some point and had to run for it not to lose too much track time.

The Race was run out of the Pit lane in order to avoid any collisions on critical turns as we all would be battling for positions like last year and that time Connie was catapulted out of his Kart while we all were fighting to be first in turn 5.

This time it was really only to pick up on your Friend ahead and try to take his track position thereby picking up one place in the race. All in all it was an eventful race full of quality action as you would see the skids of some of the guy’s and some fierce but fair battling for positions, great overtaking manoeuvres, side way actions through turns as we all tried to stay either ahead or get ahead of one another. With the odd retirements of Karts and their occupants running back to the Pit and come back out in another Kart racing for the line.

Race positions were as follows:

Joe …. Race winner once again and fastest Lap, Oisin 2nd, Rob C. 3rd, Ben D. 4th, Connie 5th, Chris P 6th, Brian K. 7th, Padraig 8th, David P. 9th, Andy L. 10th,Adam P. 11th, John M. 12th, Stephan W. 13th, Emer 14th, George 15th.

The Leader-board after Race 3 is the following:

Joe 41 points

Rob C. 26 points

Brian K. 23 points

Ben D. 20 points

David D. 17 points

Bob C 15 points

Connie 14 points

Andy L. 11 points

Anthony 10 points

Michael D. 9 points

Stephen W. 7 points including Joker ….

George 7 points

Chris P. 6 points

Ciaran 1 point

Joe seems to be running away for the moment with this year’s PCI-Karting Championship, so I wonder do we have the Talent to challenge Joe for the Perpetual Trophy or is this seasons Championship only to battle for 2nd and 3rd places? Let’s see what the next couple of races will throw up as I hope for as good an action as we have seen all season.

I would like to thank everybody for coming to this session which was hotly contested and I can’t wait for the next one…..

So hope to see you then

Many thanks George