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This is the storey of the 2013 RS Owners Day at Oulton Park.

It's not just a track day, the atmosphere, the banter, the cars, the superb standard of driving and as you will see in our Gallery the outstanding photography says it all. Our secret hotel location, two good restaurants and a lively city (well except for a dodgey pub called level two someone took us to, we all make mistakes sometimes) worked well. It was good to be part of a great bunch of PCI members who took part. All in all there were 18 Club members present in 10 cars and Nitrous and CollinsD took the Mallock around the next day in even wetter conditions. Organised by Mel Speer from PCGB and 964 fame for the past 13 years the RS Day has always been filled up shortly after booking opens three months before.

Oulton is a mini Nurburgring, but just as challenging. Parts of it are very fast with long fast curves leading into deceptive corners. Make a mistake and your day is over. One bit of advice for anyone thinking of heading over in future to Oulton or any UK Track, noise is a problem and fail the noise test and you re on your way home with no refund.

Report by Majordad.