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28th of October, Kart City Raceway Santry Dublin

This was the first time we visited Kart City Raceway in Santry since the changes had taken place to the track some time ago and with Mick reporting to me re the newly laid out track I decided this should be a venue we have to go to, especially since it is in Dublin where a lot of our PCI Members and Friends are.

It is an easy accessible venue from the M50 as if you were to go to the airport and with work still on-going to its amenities, the track was ready to go for us, be it though another wet day in the offing as we braced for an eventful session. GarC was back in action after getting a taste of married live and we wish him the very best and his wife to a happy life ahead. This time though GarC brought his Dad who hasn’t been Karting for some time but as it turned out he hadn’t lost any of his competitive skills and could give any of us a run for his money.

As you can well imagine it being a new track for us who have never been there and the wet weather we had plenty of drifting and spins while we were trying to get the hang of it. Mick was nursing an injury so he was taking pictures and gave general support to us as we all tried to better ourselves during the qualifying heats.

During the race it was the usual battle for positions with spins on turn 3 which resulted that I could make up a couple of places as Jacub and Peter battled ahead of me and I had no chance getting close and contented with driving a safe race having fun on my own as the battle was raging behind me. I didn’t see all of it but Andy, GarC and Willy were exchanging places on numerous occasions with Willy being the worse for it as he run in 6th in the Final.

It resulted with the following classifications from the Final

1st Peter 15 points

2nd Jacub 14 points with Jacub recording the fastest lap

3rd George 10 points

4th GarC 8 points

5th Andy 6 points

6th Willy 5 points with joker played


This now clears a few doubts of who is going to win the Championship and where the rest of us will lay to fight for on another day.

It leaves the Leader board with:

1st Peter S. 90 points joker played in round 4 Galway

2nd Jacub 77 points joker played in round 5 Watergrass Hill

3rd George N. 67 points joker played in round 5 Watergrass Hill

4th GarC 48 points joker played in round 4 Galway

5th Ben D. 44 points joker played in round 6 Abbeyfeale

6rd Colm F. 36 points

7th Ciaran Fl. 34 points joker played in round 2 Kiltorcan Ballyhale KK

8th Andy 28 points joker played in round 6 Abbeyfeale

9th Connie 24 points joker played in round 5 Watergrass Hill

10th Willy B. 20 points with joker played in round 7 Santry

11th Brian K. 15 points

12th PJ McA. 14 points joker played in round 4 Galway

13th Paul S. 8 points

13th Billy N. 8 points

14th Mervin 6 points

15th Alex 3 points

With GarC trading places (4th) with Ben and Andy dropping Connie to 9th, Willy picking up momentum and getting into the top ten, while Peter bedding his lead in the Championship, it looks like the hottest battle is for fourth and I can’t wait to see Ben and GarC at the next outing in Whiteriver Park.

Leaves me only once again to thank everybody for coming and great to see Mick and seeing him loosing tons of weight, so look out there is another lightweight on the horizon.

Hope to see you soon,

Many Thanks, George