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PCI President, Dave Whelan, was first to show to my amazement, as I wasn’t expecting him, cheers Dave, great to see you there, but my you had fair mileage to cover.

We hit off from the Maldron Hotel Oranmore shortly after 11, good timing the railway tracks decided to close!, at least we were first in line for takeoff.

3 Boxster’s, myself, Dave, George and Michael with his gorgeous 911, I just love red, class.

I think it’s amazing with Michael in his (82) 911 with the whole family on board, shows how practical! a 911 really is, tight safe rear seats. Fare play Michael, great to see all joined in. Approaching Headford we pulled in to allow George pick up his mum Zara, nice BMW.

Approaching Cong Zara called the notes, rally experience and local knowledge does help, and suggested we pop down to the quay area where there were boats & fare activity, nice spot some pictures, good call Zara.

Out of Cong with the Corrib to our left we saw what was the start of the picturesque landscape, Joyce’s Country area and the Maumturk Mountains further to our left, Partry Mountains to our right through a small bit of the previous drive Mamm to Leenane. Michael decided to test out the local grub, lovely area.

Lunch break in Louisburgh, worked well, lovely meal, ok I do suppose it does help to be dam hungry!

On route towards Westport with Clew Bay to out left we passed Croach Patrick way up to out right where we could see quiet a few people on their sharp decent, tough.

Westport traffic was quiet calm so passed through no bother, from there we took to Lough Mask which was a lovely drive climbing round & round avoiding the odd, sheep out walking, ok grazing would be more the word. We did get some lovely areas to pull in and get lovely pictures and the chance to accelerate then on takeoff.

We did get to drive some lovely windy roads with the odd bump! but exceptional with amazing views around every bend and hairpin. An Easy Sale!!

We finished up in the grounds of Ashford Castle, pictures and coffee break in the restaurant in the grounds, we had a good chat sitting outside, what a relaxing place.

A very enjoyable drive today, thanks to all for joining in, great to meet again, see ye next time.

Different area next time for Western drive, shame