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Driving out of the yard this morning I settled into my turbo seats of the 944, I was looking forward to a nice spin up the “ Vee “ with the boys, as I was contemplating who would be along for the drive. From what I could see the weather was fantastic as usual in the sunny southeast heading past rally stages of this year’s two day Dick Bailey Wexford Rally into New Ross.

As I was delayed while taking a chance on running through a rally stage which just closed minutes before and resulting in having to circumvent it, my timing was a little off to make for the 11 o’clock meeting time in Clonmel. I concentrated my driving on getting there, in as close to the time without breaking the Law.

To my pleasant surprise I found our usual Friends and Members Joe, Stephen and Jimi already there including our Club President Dave and Oliver from Cork as I was jetting off from the last roundabout coming into the Clonmel Park Hotel car park.

After some reacquainting and introducing with everybody I was excused for my delay and we headed off out of Clonmel with Stephen expertly leading the convoy. I was admiring Oliver’s 2.5 Boxster in front of me with the unusual colour Blue which I hadn’t seen before and must say it looks great on the car. Needless to say I was drooling also looking at the rear of Dave’s 997 GT3 and martyring my brain how I could get on to about a 100k’s to buy his deadly car. It was quite a trip to get into the mountain range before the road was winding up to the Vee, while we encountered some but not too heavy traffic to the summit.

At the top we stopped to admire the views and had the usual chit chat about this and that, including the days topic of the Cannonball run where they were heading today as well as Bob’s “ Bra“ (can’t find the right emoticons) on his 993Turbo being part of the discussions. Winding down from the summit meeting sheep’s on their daily stroll around the mountains heading ultimately for Lismore, the weather was holding up nicely as we were rolling past Lismore Castle and some gaping bystanders needless to say. We parked up and walked through the Town centre into the Pub/Restaurant that on a previous occasion served us well and we decided to revisit the venue. Replenishing with food and non-alcoholic drink discussions where ongoing including the long awaited European Trip for some of our lucky members in a week’s time being one of the topics.

As we ended our day’s drive and just on our way out of the Restaurant we met Jerome and his Wife who attended a charity drive for their Son’s school. We of course had a look at his Morris Minor he had along and admired all the Vintage-cars that where there for the Charity drive with a lot of different models from Mercedes to a Truck even, almost all of them in fantastic condition.

All of us headed home thereafter in different directions as I trailed along behind Jimi through Dungarvan and Waterford where we split and me driving back to my little village with a smile on my face as we concluded a nice Sunday afternoon driving and relaxing with our Porsche’s.

It leaves me only to thank everybody for coming for today’s drive, Joe for the Pictures taken Stephen leading us up and down the “Vee” including Dave, Jimi and Oliver for making this a great afternoon.

Hope to see you all soon

George Neurieder